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$20000 a Month as a Therapist?

Can You Really Make $20000 a Month as a Therapist?

Welcome to an eye-opening episode of our podcast, where we’re tackling a question that sparks curiosity and skepticism in equal measure: “Can you really make $20,000 a month as a therapist?” This session is born from the heart of our free training series, The Online Program Blueprint for Therapists, which has already reached nearly 3,500…
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Repackage your skills

[WORKSHOP REPLAY] Repackage Your Skills into a Profitable & Impactful Online Program

Welcome to a very special episode of the podcast, where we’ve uploaded a game-changing workshop replay from our annual free training series, “The Online Program Blueprint for Therapists.” If you’ve ever dreamt of diversifying your income and amplifying your impact as a therapist, this episode is your golden ticket. What’s Inside This Workshop Replay: Why…
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Clinical Work Holding You Back?

Is Your 1:1 Clinical Work Holding You Back?

In this deeply personal and insightful episode, join me as I explore the transformative potential of incorporating online programs into traditional mental health therapy practices. I identify four key signs indicating when one-on-one work may be limiting your growth and how online programs can unlock new opportunities for therapists to expand their impact, reach, and…
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Toilet Training and Cooking Dinner

[FEBRUARY MONTHLY MUSING] Building an Empire between Toilet Training and Cooking Dinner

Hey there! Welcome to our 100th episode – what a milestone! Can you believe it? And what better way to mark this occasion than by delving into a topic that encapsulates the essence of what we’ve been talking about all along – navigating the wild ride of parenthood while building a thriving business. Now, let’s…
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creating a six figure online program

The secrets to creating a six figure online program with Kerry Evetts

If you’ve ever contemplated the idea of crafting an online program to diversify your income streams and amplify your impact, this episode is a must-listen. We recognize the common challenges that therapists often grapple with – whether it’s the daunting lack of knowledge about where to begin, the overwhelming nature of the process, the relentless…
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Strategies For a Quick Cash Injection

4 Creative Strategies For a Quick Cash Injection

Hey there, therapists and fellow entrepreneurs! I’m thrilled to dive into today’s episode where we’re going to unpack some creative strategies for a quick cash injection. We all know how crucial financial resources are in this dynamic space – whether it’s hiring support, maintaining our websites, or anything in between, these strategies are like a…
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Do what you do best

If You Want a Six-Figure Online Program – Do What You Do Best

In today’s episode, we’re tackling a common myth head-on—the notion that successful online programs are reserved for those “out there,” the ones with massive followings and lengthy email lists, the ones with the skills in marketing and sales. In this mini-episode, I’m here to give you a loving reframe and a gentle kick in the…
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Launch a Profitable Online Program

How to Launch a Profitable Online Program on a Shoestring Budget

Hey there, fellow therapists! Welcome to another episode where we explore the ins and outs of bringing your incredible knowledge and expertise into the online world. Today, we’re tackling a big hurdle that might be holding you back: the idea that starting an online program is just too expensive. I’m here to show you that…
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I Don't Have Enough Time

HELP! I Don’t Have Enough Time to Create My Online Program

As a therapist, you’re well-acquainted with the race against time. Client sessions, administrative duties, and the emotional labor of our profession can leave us feeling like there’s never enough time to develop the projects that truly matter—like creating an online program. In today’s episode, I guide you through four transformative strategies to conquer time scarcity…
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Profit Potential of Your Online Program

Unlocking the Profit Potential of Your Online Program

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering which of your many online program ideas to pursue, questioning the demand for your digital offerings, or seeking clarity on which idea has the potential to skyrocket your impact and income, then you are going to enjoy today’s episode! The leap from traditional therapy to the online world can…
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Strategies to Grow Your Audience

4 Strategies to Grow Your Audience From Scratch

In today’s episode, we unpack the essential strategies to grow your audience and build a robust email list that will serve as the foundation for your thriving online program. We are diving deep into the art of crafting irresistible lead magnets, the savvy of borrowing influence, the precision of paid advertising, and the exhilarating process…
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Shaping Our Audacious 2024 Goals

[JANUARY MONTHLY MUSING] 5 Lessons from 2023 That Are Shaping Our Audacious 2024 Goals

Hey there, changemakers! Dr. Hayley Kelly here, and you’re tuning into a very special episode of the Therapist Rising podcast. Today, we’re not just peeking behind the curtain—we’re tearing it down with an unfiltered look at the pivotal lessons from 2023 and the bold goals they’ve inspired for 2024. So, grab your favourite beverage, settle…
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Create your online program, fast

Leveraging AI to Create Your Online Program, FAST!

In today’s episode, we’re sipping on our favorite brews and diving deep into the world of artificial intelligence. That’s right, we’re exploring how AI, and specifically ChatGPT, is revolutionizing the way therapists like us can create impactful online programs – and we’re doing it fast! What You’ll Learn:– How AI is changing the game for…
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Stop Money Leaks & Start Scaling

Smart Strategies to Stop Money Leaks & Start Scaling

Hey there, friends! Are you ready to break the chains of your 1:1 caseload and sail into the world of online programs? If you’ve ever said, “I want to create an online program, but I’m strapped for time and cash,” then this episode is for you! We’re diving deep into the world of ‘money leaks’…
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Four habit hacks

Four Habit Hacks that Will Change Your Life in 2024

Welcome back to another exciting episode. Today, I’m pumped to dive deep into decoding James Clear’s “Atomic Habits” and show you how these bad boys have the power to revolutionize your world. But wait, before we kickstart this transformational journey, let’s take a moment to connect the dots. Last week, we set the stage for…
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Powerful Six-Step Framework

Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet with this Powerful Six-Step Framework

Hey there! Dr. Hayley Kelly here, and in this episode, I’m diving into a six-step framework that’s your ticket to unlocking both personal and professional growth.  Episode Breakdown: In this insightful chat, I’ve put together a roadmap that covers six crucial steps: 1. Growth Blueprint: Let’s start by reflecting on the past year to really grasp…
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Legal 101 of Being a Therapist Entrepreneur

The Legal 101 of Being a Therapist Entrepreneur with Sarah Bartholemeuz

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that the regulatory/licensing body governing your profession might knock on your door with a stern email or, worse yet, a reprimand? It’s a common fear among therapist entrepreneurs who’ve shifted away from the traditional therapy setting to embark on non-clinical ventures. I get it. The fear of legal…
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Is an Online Program Right for Me

Is an Online Program Right for Me & My Practice?

Ready to dive into the world of online programs? Well, today’s episode is all about addressing the MOST common question we get from our audience, which is “Hayley, is an online program right for me?” – so we are diving into whether creating an online program suits you and your therapy business. Trust me, I’ve…
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Five things I would do differently

Five Things I Would Do Differently in My Business if I Was Starting From Scratch

Hey there, fellow therapist entrepreneur! If you’re embarking on the journey of evolving from the therapy chair to establishing an online presence, this episode is for you! I see you – the therapist with a passion for helping others, seeking to expand your impact and create a business beyond the traditional therapy setting. You’re brave…
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create additional income as a therapist

How you can create additional income as a therapist

Are you intrigued by the various avenues available for therapists to diversify their income beyond one-on-one sessions? Ever wondered about the earning potential when therapists evolve beyond the traditional ‘Therapy Chair’? Well, we have just the episode for you!  In this episode, we explore the multitude of ways therapists can expand their income streams, leveraging…
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Dealing with the fear of judgment

But what if they hate me! Dealing with the fear of judgment

In this recent “Therapist Rising” podcast episode, I recounted an incredible in-person event for the incubator that surpassed all my expectations. Gathering about 40 therapists in Sydney for an intense two-day session on business training, skills, and mindsets was a significant highlight. The unexpected Awards night turned emotional, bringing tears, joy, and a profound sense…
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Ready to give up?

[NOVEMBER MONTHLY MUSING] When you feel like you’re ready to give up, listen to this

Welcome to the November installment of our Unmasked Monthly Musing! This time, we’re diving deep into a topic that’s all too familiar for many of us – the trap of comparison. It’s something we’ve all faced, especially when we’re putting ourselves out there and creating online programs. It’s easy to look at others and feel like we’re…
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My Journey from Flop to Success

Embracing Failure: Unveiling My Journey from Flop to Success

In today’s uniquely different episode, I am joined by one of my amazing staff members as we rewind the clock back to 2011 to discuss my journey from flop to success. Together we unravel the candid backstory of my initial online program failure and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Join us for a…
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ADHD Coach with Sharon Collon

What the Heck is an ADHD Coach? with Sharon Collon

Join us for an inspiring (and FUN!) conversation with Sharon Collon, an award-winning certified ADHD Coach, devoted wife to an ADHD husband, mother of three kids with ADHD, and the founder of The Functional Family.  When Sharon found herself navigating the complexities of creating a “Functional Family” amidst ADHD challenges, she embarked on a quest…
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Step Outside the Therapy Chair

How to Step Outside the Therapy Chair and Create Your Dream Career with Launa Martin

In this inspiring episode, we delve into the world of transformation with guest Launa Martin, a remarkable transformational midwife.  Launa Martin is a transformational midwife with a diverse career, having also served as a birth doula, death doula, childbirth educator, and assistant home birth midwife. She now specializes in helping women and men create transformations…
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Show up when life is a mess

[OCTOBER MONTHLY MUSING] How to show up professionally when your life is a sh!tshow

***Today’s episode comes with a trigger warning: Pregnancy loss is discussed What I’ve learned about business, life, and being a therapist after experiencing a devastating loss… We were recently thrown a huge unexpected curve ball when I fell pregnant… and soon after found out the pregnancy was not viable. In an instant, our lives changed…
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Mastering Peak Performance

Mastering Peak Performance with Dr. Natasha Davison

If you consider yourself a high-performing individual, you’re in for a treat. Our guest this week, Dr. Natasha Davison, is a registered health psychologist and a renowned coach for high-performers and elite athletes. She specializes in dismantling mental barriers that can hinder peak performance. What’s fascinating is that the principles she employs with athletes are directly…
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Creating a Unique Brand

Creating a Unique Brand with Martiene van Steyn

In this episode, I welcome return guest (and all round amazing human!) Martiene van Steyn to delve deep into the world of branding and creating a unique brand. Martiene Van Steyn, is a seasoned Brand Architect who specializes in empowering individuals in the health and wellness industry. Episode Highlights: About Our Guest: Martiene van Steyn…
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Thriving after Burnout

Thriving after Burnout with Rebecca Black

Today’s episode is a conversation and topic that is deeply close to my heart… it’s a conversation about burnout. And it’s a struggle that I know so many of us face –  that’s why I sat down with fellow therapist, Rebecca Black from Sustainable Therapists to deep dive into therapist burnout, recovery, and thriving after…
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Thriving in Business and Life

Thriving in Business and Life with Shannon Dunn

Welcome to another AWESOME episode of the Therapists Rising Podcast! Today I’m here to challenge the one-size-fits-all approach to business that might not align with your true potential. Life’s too short not to thrive, especially for therapists and therapist entrepreneurs. That’s why I’ve invited Shannon Dunn from The Thrive Factor Co to guide us through…
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Embrace Thought Leadership Now

[SEPTEMBER MONTHLY MUSING] Why Therapists Must Embrace Thought Leadership Now, More Than Ever!

Join Dr. Hayley in the latest installment of our Unmasked Monthly Musings (September Edition) as she shares her recent triumph at the AusMumpreneur Awards, winning two silver awards. Driven by her passion for empowering therapists, she delivers a no-holds-barred discussion on breaking free from the constraints that hold them back. This episode is a rallying…
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Coaching, Psychedelics, and Philanthropy

Coaching, Psychedelics, and Philanthropy with Natalie MacNeil

In today’s episode, we bring you a conversation with the remarkable Natalie MacNeil, a trailblazing entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and wisdom to share – who also happens to be a mentor of mine and one of my “bucket-list” guests! Natalie’s journey in the business world spans decades, touching various industries and amassing millions…
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Mastering Authentic Social Media Marketing

Episode 71: Mastering Authentic Social Media Marketing with Tracy Harris

In this episode, Dr. Hayley sits down with Tracy Harris, a Marketing Mentor and social media expert from Mums With Hustle. Tracy shares her invaluable insights on how therapist entrepreneurs can transform their approach to marketing and selling on social media, making it an enjoyable and authentic experience for both them and their community. Key…
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Pivoting your niche and business with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn

Episode 70: Pivoting your niche and business with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn

In this episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn, a clinical psychologist, women’s business coach, podcast host, and supervisor for allied health professionals – and also a return guest to the Therapist Rising Podcast! Dr. Hayley is a shining example of the incredible flexibility and adaptability that therapist entrepreneurs…
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Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Season 4: Episode 23: August Monthly Musing: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Welcome to our August installment of the uber-popular series, Unmasked Monthly Musings. This month we have a fun (but potentially close-to-home) conversation that we think you will love! If you’re a therapist who’s taken the courageous step towards diversifying your income and impact through new avenues, you’re likely familiar with these inner dialogues: 💭 “I’m…
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5 Ways to Increase Your Income as a Therapists

Season 4: Episode 22: Five ways to increase your revenue and income as a therapist

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the changing landscape of the mental health space. Traditional one-on-one therapy sessions are evolving – and, as therapists, now is the time to adapt. In this episode, Hayley deep dives into why diversifying revenue streams is essential to create a sustainable therapy practice and fulfilling career. From 1-to-1…
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Successfully Travel the World as an Entrepreneur

Season 4: Episode 21: How to successfully travel the world as an entrepreneur with Martiene van Steyn

Join me as I interview my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Martiene Van Steyn, from Business in a Box. Martiene is a brand specialist and remote business owner who has spent the last 12 months traveling the world while running her online business, visiting a total of 18 countries during her travels! In this episode, we…
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neonatal care and birth trauma

Season 4: Episode 20: Breaking the silence of neonatal care and birth trauma with Dr. Frankie Harrison

In this captivating episode, we embark on a heartfelt journey with Dr. Frankie Harrison, a UK-based clinical psychologist, and Co-Founder of Miracle Moon. Frankie candidly shares about the unexpected turn her life took when she gave birth at 31 weeks following preeclampsia during pregnancy and the subsequent trauma that followed. With support from a fellow…
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The Next Era of Mental Health

Season 4: Episode 19: The Next Era of Mental Health – How to Revolutionize your Career with Dr. Liz Lasky

The therapy industry is rapidly and radically changing and therapists are being urged to adapt. Join me and Dr. Liz Lasky, a seasoned social worker, and coach based in the bustling city of New York, as we unravel the potential of coaching to revolutionize the mental health industry. You’ll be amazed at the strengths of…
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The Power of Bragging for Therapists

Season 4: Episode 18: [Unmasked Monthly Musing] Breaking the Taboo: The Power of Bragging for Therapists

Welcome back to the latest installment of our VERY popular Unmasked Monthly Musing segment! In today’s episode, we’re exploring the power of bragging and celebrating success. Last month’s episode sparked an overwhelming response, highlighting the need to create a safe space to discuss important industry issues. Let me share a transformative event that led to…
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From Passion to Purpose with Mim Jenkinson

Season 4: Episode 17: From Passion to Purpose with Mim Jenkinson

In 2015, when Mim was off work undergoing chemo and radiation, she taught herself how to make stickers as a creative outlet, passion project, and act of self-care.Fast forward 8 years and her business, Love From Mim has grown to multi-6-figures and she’s taught over 10,000 students from all over the world to make and…
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A Psychologist's Journey through Addiction and Recovery

Season 4: Episode 16: Breaking the Silence: A Psychologist’s Journey through Addiction and Recovery with Dr. David Lee

A clinical psychologist in active recovery from alcoholism. Be honest, what thoughts cross your mind, and what feelings arise when you read those words? Discomfort? Judgment? Concern? You wouldn’t be alone. Today on the podcast, Hayley is joined by Dr. David Lee. A Clinical Psychologist with 17 years of experience, sobriety coach and addiction specialist,…
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The Future of Psychology

Season 4: Episode 15: The Future of Psychology with Dr. Bronwyn Milkins

If you’re a therapist who has ever felt disillusioned or fed up with the system, then this episode is for you! Today, Hayley is joined by Dr. Bronwyn Milkins, an inspiring and fiery early career psychologist, host of the Mental Work podcast, and fierce advocate for innovation and progress in the mental health field.  When…
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Unmasking the Dark Side of Coaching

Season 4: Episode 14: June Monthly Musing: Unmasking the Dark Side of Coaching

In this month’s Unmasked Monthly Musing episode, we have an intense unmasked discussion about a recent experience Hayley had at a coaching event. And although Hayley grappled with sharing this, she wanted to share this experience openly and honestly as it sheds light on the importance of proper training and expertise in the coaching industry.…
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Key to Unlocking Transformation in Online Courses

Season 4: Epsiode 13: The Key to Unlocking Transformation in Online Courses with Tracey Lewis Stoekel

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tracey Lewis Stoeckel, a seasoned curriculum specialist, and online course coach. Tracey shares invaluable insights on creating a course curriculum that truly empowers learners and fosters their success. Tracey’s passion for education stems from her own journey as an entrepreneur, transitioning to the medical field,…
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