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Embrace Thought Leadership Now

[SEPTEMBER MONTHLY MUSING] Why Therapists Must Embrace Thought Leadership Now, More Than Ever!

Join Dr. Hayley in the latest installment of our Unmasked Monthly Musings (September Edition) as she shares her recent triumph at the AusMumpreneur Awards, winning two silver awards. Driven by her passion for empowering therapists, she delivers a no-holds-barred discussion on breaking free from the constraints that hold them back. This episode is a rallying…
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Coaching, Psychedelics, and Philanthropy

Coaching, Psychedelics, and Philanthropy with Natalie MacNeil

In today’s episode, we bring you a conversation with the remarkable Natalie MacNeil, a trailblazing entrepreneur with a wealth of experience and wisdom to share – who also happens to be a mentor of mine and one of my “bucket-list” guests! Natalie’s journey in the business world spans decades, touching various industries and amassing millions…
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Mastering Authentic Social Media Marketing

Episode 71: Mastering Authentic Social Media Marketing with Tracy Harris

In this episode, Dr. Hayley sits down with Tracy Harris, a Marketing Mentor and social media expert from Mums With Hustle. Tracy shares her invaluable insights on how therapist entrepreneurs can transform their approach to marketing and selling on social media, making it an enjoyable and authentic experience for both them and their community. Key…
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Pivoting your niche and business with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn

Episode 70: Pivoting your niche and business with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn

In this episode, we have the privilege of sitting down with Dr. Hayley D. Quinn, a clinical psychologist, women’s business coach, podcast host, and supervisor for allied health professionals – and also a return guest to the Therapist Rising Podcast! Dr. Hayley is a shining example of the incredible flexibility and adaptability that therapist entrepreneurs…
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Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Season 4: Episode 23: August Monthly Musing: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Welcome to our August installment of the uber-popular series, Unmasked Monthly Musings. This month we have a fun (but potentially close-to-home) conversation that we think you will love! If you’re a therapist who’s taken the courageous step towards diversifying your income and impact through new avenues, you’re likely familiar with these inner dialogues: 💭 “I’m…
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5 Ways to Increase Your Income as a Therapists

Season 4: Episode 22: Five ways to increase your revenue and income as a therapist

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the changing landscape of the mental health space. Traditional one-on-one therapy sessions are evolving – and, as therapists, now is the time to adapt. In this episode, Hayley deep dives into why diversifying revenue streams is essential to create a sustainable therapy practice and fulfilling career. From 1-to-1…
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Successfully Travel the World as an Entrepreneur

Season 4: Episode 21: How to successfully travel the world as an entrepreneur with Martiene van Steyn

Join me as I interview my friend and fellow entrepreneur, Martiene Van Steyn, from Business in a Box. Martiene is a brand specialist and remote business owner who has spent the last 12 months traveling the world while running her online business, visiting a total of 18 countries during her travels! In this episode, we…
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neonatal care and birth trauma

Season 4: Episode 20: Breaking the silence of neonatal care and birth trauma with Dr. Frankie Harrison

In this captivating episode, we embark on a heartfelt journey with Dr. Frankie Harrison, a UK-based clinical psychologist, and Co-Founder of Miracle Moon. Frankie candidly shares about the unexpected turn her life took when she gave birth at 31 weeks following preeclampsia during pregnancy and the subsequent trauma that followed. With support from a fellow…
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The Next Era of Mental Health

Season 4: Episode 19: The Next Era of Mental Health – How to Revolutionize your Career with Dr. Liz Lasky

The therapy industry is rapidly and radically changing and therapists are being urged to adapt. Join me and Dr. Liz Lasky, a seasoned social worker, and coach based in the bustling city of New York, as we unravel the potential of coaching to revolutionize the mental health industry. You’ll be amazed at the strengths of…
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The Power of Bragging for Therapists

Season 4: Episode 18: [Unmasked Monthly Musing] Breaking the Taboo: The Power of Bragging for Therapists

Welcome back to the latest installment of our VERY popular Unmasked Monthly Musing segment! In today’s episode, we’re exploring the power of bragging and celebrating success. Last month’s episode sparked an overwhelming response, highlighting the need to create a safe space to discuss important industry issues. Let me share a transformative event that led to…
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From Passion to Purpose with Mim Jenkinson

Season 4: Episode 17: From Passion to Purpose with Mim Jenkinson

In 2015, when Mim was off work undergoing chemo and radiation, she taught herself how to make stickers as a creative outlet, passion project, and act of self-care.Fast forward 8 years and her business, Love From Mim has grown to multi-6-figures and she’s taught over 10,000 students from all over the world to make and…
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A Psychologist's Journey through Addiction and Recovery

Season 4: Episode 16: Breaking the Silence: A Psychologist’s Journey through Addiction and Recovery with Dr. David Lee

A clinical psychologist in active recovery from alcoholism. Be honest, what thoughts cross your mind, and what feelings arise when you read those words? Discomfort? Judgment? Concern? You wouldn’t be alone. Today on the podcast, Hayley is joined by Dr. David Lee. A Clinical Psychologist with 17 years of experience, sobriety coach and addiction specialist,…
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The Future of Psychology

Season 4: Episode 15: The Future of Psychology with Dr. Bronwyn Milkins

If you’re a therapist who has ever felt disillusioned or fed up with the system, then this episode is for you! Today, Hayley is joined by Dr. Bronwyn Milkins, an inspiring and fiery early career psychologist, host of the Mental Work podcast, and fierce advocate for innovation and progress in the mental health field.  When…
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Unmasking the Dark Side of Coaching

Season 4: Episode 14: June Monthly Musing: Unmasking the Dark Side of Coaching

In this month’s Unmasked Monthly Musing episode, we have an intense unmasked discussion about a recent experience Hayley had at a coaching event. And although Hayley grappled with sharing this, she wanted to share this experience openly and honestly as it sheds light on the importance of proper training and expertise in the coaching industry.…
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Key to Unlocking Transformation in Online Courses

Season 4: Epsiode 13: The Key to Unlocking Transformation in Online Courses with Tracey Lewis Stoekel

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tracey Lewis Stoeckel, a seasoned curriculum specialist, and online course coach. Tracey shares invaluable insights on creating a course curriculum that truly empowers learners and fosters their success. Tracey’s passion for education stems from her own journey as an entrepreneur, transitioning to the medical field,…
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Revolutionizing Sensory Integration in Occupational Therapy

Season 4: Episode 12: Revolutionizing Sensory Integration in Occupational Therapy with Kerry Evetts

In this captivating episode, join Hayley as she interviews Kerry Evetts, an Occupational Therapist (OT) and the Founder of Sense Up, who is on a mission to impact the lives of one million sensory children over the next five years. Kerry’s inspiring journey began after a life-altering health scare, which prompted her to reevaluate her…
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Developing Unshakable Healthy Habits

Season 4: Episode 11: Overcoming the Struggle: Developing Unshakable Healthy Habits with Eliza Kingsford

In this episode, we dive into a captivating conversation with Eliza Kingsford, a licensed psychotherapist, mind/body practitioner, and nationally recognized weight management and body image expert, as well as the author of Brain Powered Weight Loss. If you’re part of the 99.9% of humans who struggle to adopt healthy habits despite knowing their benefits, then…
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Becoming a Million-Dollar Company

Season 4: Episode 10: Unmasked Monthly Musing: The Path to Becoming a Million-Dollar Company

In this Unmasked Monthly Musing episode, we dive into the behind-the-scenes aspects of building a successful business that are often overshadowed by the glamorized versions we see on social media. Hayley shares personal experiences and explores the need to work on the business rather than just in it. Discover the anxiety-inducing decision that she recently…
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Therapists Can Build Thriving Memberships

Season 4: Episode 9: Breaking the Mold: How Therapists Can Build Thriving Memberships

Today we are bringing you an episode packed full of sparkles and glitter! We are joined by Julie Soul from Soul Sparkletts Art, an art-based membership program for homeschoolers and teachers. Not only does Julie has a psychology degree, but she is also a dedicated homeschooling mum who built this membership-based business, which is now…
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Physical Products in Your Therapy Business

Season 4: Episode 8: Exploring the Untapped Potential of Physical Products in Your Therapy Business with Monica Little

Many therapists and health professionals naturally gravitate towards coaching, workshops, and programs as they transition beyond the therapy chair. However, it’s important not to overlook other avenues, such as creating physical products, to expand their offerings and generate income.  In this episode, we delve into the world of physical products – specifically, we discuss the…
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Leveraging TikTok to grow your business

Season 4: Episode 7: Leveraging TikTok to Grow Your Business with Wave Wyld

In this podcast episode, Hayley interviews Wave Wyld, TikTok & Social Video Marketing Expert, who teaches people how to use short-form video to gain more visibility and exposure for their businesses.  Wave shares how she became hooked on TikTok after a viral video and how she pivoted her business to teach business owners how to…
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Power or Reoccuring Revenue

Season 4: Episode 6: Harnessing the Power of Reoccuring Revenue – with Nicole Culver

Do we have a juicy episode for you this week! In fact, this topic is one of the most consistently requested topics from our audience – how can I build ‘evergreen’ products so I have predictable and reoccurring revenue in my business? Today we are joined by evergreen sales expert Nicole Culver, creator of the…
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The Pain of Goal Attainment

Season 4: Episode 5: Unmasked Monthly Musing -The Pain of Goal Attainment

We are back with the second installment of our new monthly segment of Unmasked Musings where we lament on the month that was and deep dive into the behind-the-scenes lessons and truths of stepping out of the therapy chair and building an impactful business. Today Hayley discusses a theme that has come up for many…
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Lauren Keegan, Blogging your way to success

Season 4: Epsiode 4: Blogging Your Way to Success with Lauren Keegan

Today’s guest is Lauren Keegan, perinatal psychologist, writer, and content coach. We take a deep dive into blogging and content creation and how the process of blogging can support practitioners to increase visibility, establish authority and grow their audience (and their business) through content that connects. This episode offers incredible insights and a step-by-step blog…
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5 Lessons from our 6-Figure Launch

Season 4: Episode 3: 5 Powerful Lessons from our Multiple Six Figure Launch

Today we have a very special episode for you, and just between you and me… I was pretty nerv-cited about this one! Join me and Merilyn Wilson Beretta – friend, mentor, and Therapists Rising’s launch manager – as we deep dive into our recent multiple six-figure launch. We will be sharing 5 of the key…
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Season 4: Episode 2: Dr. Christine Li - The Procrastination Coach

Season 4: Episode 2: Procrastinators Unite! Overcoming procrastination in order to meet your goals with Dr Christine Li

Procrastinators Unite! Today we are joined by Dr Christine Li, Ph.D PC – A.K.A The Procrastination Coach! In today’s episode, we break down the in’s and out’s of procrastination, why we do it, how to spot it, and how to overcome it. Dr Christine walks us through her proprietary method, S.M.A.C.K, which you can implement…
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Season 4: Episode 1: Unmasked Musings: The Episode with the Snot Crying

Welcome to Season 4! We are kicking off this season with something new and something very vulnerable. … Today marks the first installment of our brand new monthly series, Unmasked Musings.  It comes as no surprise that we have been fed some major lies when it comes to building a business. Entrepreneurs/leaders have been conditioned…
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Season 3: Episode 7: Showing Up Brave, Not Perfect: Your Guide to Creating and Hosting Transformative Retreats with Megan Gunnell

Are you like one of the many therapists we speak with that desire to run profitable, transformative retreats? If so, then this episode is for you! On this edition of the Therapist Rising podcast, Hayley engages in an informative discussion with Megan Gunnell, a master of creating and hosting transformative retreats. The conversation delves into…
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Season 3: Episode 6: Self-Care for Medical Professionals: How Taking Time for Yourself Can Prevent Burnout With Dr Emily Amos

On today’s episode, host Hayley welcomes special guest Dr. Emily Amos, a former general practitioner turned retreat facilitator for medical professionals. Dr. Amos candidly shares her personal journey of overcoming burnout in her GP career and how she discovered a path towards self-care. Through her retreats, she aims to empower medical professionals to navigate the…
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I'm Changing the World - are you coming

Season 3: Episode 5: BONUS: I’m Changing The World – are you coming?

I’m Changing The World – are you coming? Today’s episode is… well… a little different to my usual ones.  Because I’m the one in the hotseat being interviewed! My colleague and friend, Merilyn, knowing that my “Rise of the Entrepreneurial Therapist” workshop is coming up suggested we get my big audacious ‘why’ captured on podcast.…
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Season 3: Episode 4: Organic Growth: Mastering the Art of Social Media Marketing for Therapists With Digital Expert, Jessica Glazer DeRose

As therapists, navigating the online space is often anxiety provoking and overwhelming, leaving many therapists wondering “where do I even start?!”. However, utilising social media as a tool for reaching new clients and building a strong and ethical brand doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Join Dr. Haylay on the latest episode of the…
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Season 3: Episode 3: Disrupting Systems: How Improving Mental Health Literacy in the Insurance Industry will Save Lives, with Davinia Glendenning and Alana Roberts

Season 3: Episode 3: Disrupting Systems: How Improving Mental Health Literacy in the Insurance Industry will Save Lives, with Davinia Glendenning and Alana Roberts

As therapists, we can all easily call to mind industries where people come out more mentally unwell than when they went in. In this episode of the Therapist Rising podcast, we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship with Davinia Glendenning and Alana Roberts, the founders of Avinue Coaching & Training. These powerhouse women are set…
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Founder of Co-Parenting Companion Tiffany Rochester

Season 3: Episode 2: Navigating Co-Parenting: A Conversation With Clinical Psychologist Tiffany Rochester

In this episode of The Therapist Rising podcast, we are excited to welcome Tiffany Rochester, a clinical psychologist and expert in the coaching world. With a strong foundation built from her first career working with families with repeat juvenile offenders, Tiffany has seen firsthand the impact of parental separation on the family unit. Through her…
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Season 3: Episode 1: The Neurodivergent Entrepreneur With Monique Mitchelson

Today, Hayley is joined by special guest Monique Mitchelson, Clinical Psychologist working in private practice and host of the Neurodivergent Woman Podcast. Diagnosed in adulthood, Monique shares her journey from diagnosis to advocate and discusses the how her diagnosis has both impacted and amplified her journey towards entrepreneurship. Monique’s story is both touching and inspiring…
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Season 2: Episode 11: The Key Takeaways I Took From 2022, That You Can Implement Today

In this last episode of season 2, Hayley is here to reflect on her year. Celebrating her amazing wins and opportunities and what her key takeaways were for 2022. Finding your why, Staying authentic and the importance of community are just a few of the things you can implement today to scale your growth and…
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Season 2: Episode 10: Decolonising the Field of Psychology With Dr Averil Cook

In this episode, Hayley is joined by special guest Dr Averil Cook, Clinical Psychologist Board Approved Supervisor & AHPRA approved Supervisor Trainer. ​ After we hear a little bit about Dr Cook, she dives into what decolonising the field of psychology actually looks like, and the important role it plays in our community and profession.…
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Season 2: Episode 9: How do I give time and energy to my idea when I’m trapped in 1:1 clinical work?

Do you feel trapped or limited with your 1 to 1 case load? Does it take up all of your time and energy – so much so that you have nothing left to give towards your creative pursuits or passion projects? You aren’t alone, this is a topic Hayley finds herself discussing with most therapists…
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Season 2: Episode 8: How Your Attachment Style Plays Out in the Relationship You Have With Your Business

As a therapist, you likely already know that your attachment style is central to the functioning (or dysfunction!) of your relationships. Have you ever stopped to consider how this same attachment style may be playing out in the relationship you have with your business? In this week’s episode Hayley is joined by Monique Beaver, Psychologist…
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Season 2: Episode 7: How to be a Multipassionate Entrepreneur with Kym Tolson

Being multi passionate and a driven entrepreneur can be an overwhelming duo, how does one do all the things but do it successfully. Today Kym Tolson fills us in on how she manages being a clinical social worker, podcaster, business woman, traveller and much more all at one time. Hayley and Kym chat about how…
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Season 2: Episode 6: 3 Steps to Niching Down and Scaling Your Business Impact

Many of us believe niching down means limiting our passions, but finding your niche is vital for hitting your target market and achieving your desired impact on the world. Hayley is back today with another solo episode, giving you her secret 3 step litmus test framework to help you pinpoint the mark you wish to…
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Season 2: Episode 5: The Single Biggest Mistake Therapist Entrepreneurs Are Making

“What’s the biggest mistake therapists make?” While there are many mistakes that can be made when starting out, Hayley believes the biggest one is failing to be intentional with your end goal.  Today Hayley is here for her very first solo episode! You guys asked, so here it is. She talks about the importance of…
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Season 2: Episode 4: Real Therapist Talk – Mastering Congruency in a Conservative “Role” With Kirstin Bouse

Therapists and Psychologists do not get enough credit for the work they provide within our communities. It’s not easy to unmask the “role” they are boxed into, to know, who am I? What are my beliefs? And what impact do I want to have? Today Hayley is joined by Kirstin Bouse, Kirstin is a Clinical…
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Season 2: Episode 3: Normalising Mindful Drinking With Kirsten Chalmers

As adults, we all feel the pressure to have a drink, or few, at social events. If you aren’t drinking at a social event, you’ll find yourself typically having to justify why you aren’t drinking. Are you pregnant? Is everything okay? What’s wrong with you? Today, Hayley is joined by special guest, Kirsten Chalmers. Kirsten…
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Season 2: Episode 2: How To Have a Big Impact With Dr Kaitlin Harkess

Going through tough times only feels worth it in hindsight. In order to grow and discover who we are so we can have our positive impact on the world, perseverance is your best friend.  Today, Hayley is joined by Dr. Kaitlin Harkess – Clinical Psychologist who completed her training at the University of Adelaide. She…
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Season 2: Episode 1: This is Your Permission Slip to Being Yourself. Own All Of You! With Dr. Gigi Abdel-Samed

Amongst the craziness of juggling work, life, relationships…It’s easy to forget the answer to life’s most important question. Who am I? Taking the first steps to going back and embarking on the journey of self discovery and what’s missing can be daunting, overwhelming and confronting. So where do we begin? Today, Hayley is joined by…
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