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Season 4: Episode 7: Leveraging TikTok to Grow Your Business with Wave Wyld

In this podcast episode, Hayley interviews Wave Wyld, TikTok & Social Video Marketing Expert, who teaches people how to use short-form video to gain more visibility and exposure for their businesses. 

Wave shares how she became hooked on TikTok after a viral video and how she pivoted her business to teach business owners how to use TikTok as another social media marketing tool. She also shares her content strategy, which involves using content pillars or categories to stay consistent and find your voice on video – and what’s even better is that everything she teaches for TikTok is applicable to other platforms like Instagram reels, Facebook reels, and YouTube shorts!

You don’t need to be an expert or creative genius to get started, so we know that you will love this value-packed episode!


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