Are you a Therapist who is ready to ditch burnout, work less but earn more, and create a non-clinical business

You love?
Let us show you how…

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It’s real talk time...
Serving as a Therapist isn’t nearly as glamorous as Hollywood makes it out to be.
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While there’s high demand and an abundance of work at your fingertips,

What if we told you...

that your work could look and feel more abundant, fulfilling and nourishing without you having to turn your life on its head and start from scratch?

That you could take all your skills and years of training and experience, and turn your clinical services into profitable non-clinical offerings, and your career into one that is next-level fulfilling, beyond-your-wildest-dreams abundant, and supportive of your health and wellbeing?

What if we told you

that you could gracefully move from...

Trading your precious hours for money

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Having an uncapped income?

Feeling burnt out and exhausted

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Feeling inspired, creative, and in love with your work?

Having little to no work-life balance

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Having lots of free space to spend with your loved ones, and explore your interests and hobbies?

Tiring 1:1 work

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Alternative ways of serving and supporting clients?

Being tied to a location

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Being free to travel the world and go where you want, when you want?

Serving individuals, one person at a time

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Serving many, having a huge impact, and leaving a lasting legacy?

“The Therapists Rising team and community helped me start and grow my online community

from zero to over 100 members in a few short months, organise and run a 5-day challenge, AND successfully sell my coaching offer! I achieved so much more than I could have ever dreamt!”

- Jessica
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Launch a successful and profitable online program -

You’ll learn the exact steps to take to build a successful online program around what you already know, love, and do as a therapist!

Ready to future-proof your business, expand your reach, impact and revenue, and move away from the relentless demands of 1:1?

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I’m Dr. Hayley Kelly,

the Founder of Therapists Rising
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Gold-Line - short

I practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for 12 years, have a PhD and a Masters (yes, I’ve spent a freakin’ long time studying!), was a Board-approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia, and a professional Life Coach with Coaching Evolved.

While I enjoyed and had a very successful career as a Clinical Psychologist, when I gave birth to my first son, I struggled to juggle all-the-things. Exchanging my time (that I suddenly had very little of!) for money began to feel overwhelming and in my despair, I contemplated throwing my career away and starting over (which seemed h-a-r-d!)

But during my dark soul of the night, and on my journey of self discovery, I stumbled across a mind-blowing phenomenon … people were out in the world, making their own rules for their careers, earning huge amounts of money, and serving in ways that were changing the world WITHOUT depleting themselves. WTF?! With all of our training and education, why weren’t therapists doing the same thing??

And so I learned how to take all my years of passion, experience, skills and training, step outside the traditional ‘Therapist box’ and create something new …

which is exactly what I now support other budding Entrepreneurial Therapists to do!

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Around the world,
Therapists are daring to imagine

a different future for themselves.
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They’re donning their CEO and Entrepreneurial hats, crafting transformational non-clinical offerings, hitting income goals beyond their wildest imaginations and serving more people than they ever thought possible...

...without having to overwork and invest endless hours into rewriting their careers

- 'coz we know you’re thinking it - within the bounds of their legal registration and licensing requirements!)

This space is for the Therapists and Health Professionals who are ready to make their jobs work for them -

and stop feeling like slaves to their careers!

The ones with a server’s heart who have a burning desire to create a bigger impact on more people

The ones who are open to seeing the endless possibilities and potentials that exist for themselves and their work.

The ones who are bold enough to step outside the rigid lines and boundaries of what they’ve been taught, and try something new - something that lights them up and brings them to life!

The ones who aren’t willing to settle for a career that feels satisfactory, but rather, want to experience life with their joy, abundance, alignment and freedom dials turned all the way up!

At Therapists Rising we support you to merge your experience as a Therapist with Entrepreneurship (hello Therapreneurship!), and give you the tools, knowledge and support you need to move your work from where you are, to where you desire to be.

Are you ready to reimagine your future for yourself and bring your biggest someone-once-told-you-it-couldn't-be-done career dreams to life?

Even if you only have a burning desire, sans the dream, you’re still in the right place…

Let us support you to bring your wildest and most soul-aligned vision for the future of your work, and your personal life, to fruition.

Let our journey begin!
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Join the

Therapists Rising Incubator

An 8 Week group program for Therapists and Health Professionals who are ready and raring to diversify and up-level their income, stop trading their precious hours for money, and use their years of training and experience to create a booming business as an Entrepreneur.

“The Incubator provided me with the confidence, awareness, knowledge and practical steps to help me start my journey into coaching.

It helped me realise that anything is possible, identify my niche, successfully package my offer, and learn how to market myself in a way that felt good for me. Hayley is absolutely incredible and a wealth of knowledge, and I loved connecting with other like-minded clinicians who totally inspired me with their own progress and journeys.”

- Aphrodite
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A free interactive and collaborative worldwide Facebook group filled with education, inspiration and cheerleading


Specific to the needs of transitioning Therapists and Health Professionals, these resources will help you move your career to where and how you aspire it to be, and feel


Your go-to podcast for all things business plus behind-the-scenes stories and lessons from therapists who are thinking outside the traditional clinical box and choosing to do things differently in their careers.

Launch a successful and profitable online program -

You'll learn the steps to take to build a successful online program around what you already know, love and do as Therapists!

Ready to future-proof your business, expand your reach, impact and revenue, and move away from the relentless demands of 1:1?

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