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Want to learn the key steps for successfully creating, launching and selling an online program as a therapist?

This free guide will teach you how to get crystal clear on your niche and their needs, build your audience, map out your online program’s content and sell it out.

Based on over a decade of experience, this guide is a must-have for therapists wanting to diversify their practices and incomes with an online program, or do an even better job of selling one they already have!

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The Therapists Rising podcast

(rated #1 by Apple!)

Join us as we have real and raw conversations with therapists who are thinking outside the traditional clinical box and choosing to do things differently in their careers.

Take the Therapists Archetype quiz

Discover your Therapist Archetype and personalised next steps for evolving beyond the ‘Therapy Chair’ and diversifying your practice and income with an online program.

Protect Your
AHPRA Registration masterclass

Everything you need to know to keep AHPRA far away and your registration safe, as you legally repackage your clinical skills and create an online program.

Create or improve your online program alongside us, with real time mentoring, feedback and cheerleading.


The Incubator

The Incubator is our signature online group program that steps therapists through our proven framework for creating, marketing and selling out an online program of their own.

If you’re ready to easefully and quickly diversify your practice and income with an online program, simply by repackaging the skills and wisdom you already have, then the Incubator is for you.

The Incubator doors are now open!

Check out some of the Incubator Alumni Success Stories

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