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Protect your AHPRA registration

as you create an online program and diversify your practice

This 1.5 hour masterclass, will help you learn the ethical and legal considerations Therapists need to be aware of, and the practical steps they need to take, when they repackage their clinical skills and diversify their practice and income with an online program.

There are an increasing number...
of Health Professionals who are desiring to move away from traditional clinical work, diversify their income streams,

and increase their earnings.

Gold Line

These practitioners have discovered that repackaging their clinical skills into non-clinical offers, supports them to amplify their impact, scale their work and create passive income streams.

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So, you’re an Aussie-based Therapist who wants to sell an online program, so you can create an additional income stream and future-proof your business, but you’re scared you’ll end up in ‘AHPRA Jail’?


Or perhaps you’ve already created an online program (go you!), but you want to make sure you’ve crossed all your legal t’s and dotted all your ethical i’s so you don’t get any nasty AHPRA surprises?


Don’t let your fears and questions stop you from creating and sharing your online program with the world, therapist!


People need what you have and want to offer, and in this masterclass you’ll learn how to minimise your risk and protect your licence/registration, so you can do the work you love, worry free.

“A big thank you for putting together this webinar. It was extremely helpful. The best $97 I've spent on education in a long time!”
- Dee
(Some kind words from Dee who attended the first iteration of this masterclass in 2021)
Gold Line short

Valued at nearly 400 Billion USD in 2022, the online learning market is projected to boom to 1 TRILLION USD by 2032.

What does this mean for you? 


Not only will there be humans wanting what you have to offer, a whooooole lot of opportunities are waiting for you, that’s what!


More and more people across the globe are searching for the perfect online program to support them, and Therapists have cottoned on to the fact that serving people in this way enables them to:

  • Increase their income, without having to work more
  • Reduce their risk of burnout
  • Remove Medicare and insurance red tape and conundrums
  • Future-proof their business and tap into a wildly expanding market
  • Have a work life balance that supports them to spend more time with their loves, doing what they love
  • Work in a less regulated way
  • And reignite their creativity, passion and job satisfaction.


This practical masterclass will give you the information and assurance you need to tap into this (life changing!) growing industry with confidence.

Meet your expert guides

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Hayley Kelly

Dr. Hayley Kelly, PhD, is the Founder of Therapists Rising, a Clinical Psychologist and a Business Coach who has successfully waded the muddy waters of practice diversification and successfully created a multi 6-figure online course.

She now supports other Therapists to walk this same path, and build the sustainable, profitable and impactful practices and businesses of their dreams.

David Gardner

David Gardner is the Founder of Gardner Legal and Regulatory, a law firm that specialises in assisting Australian Health Professionals to navigate AHPRA notifications, professional services reviews and medical board complaints.

He and his team are passionate about providing Health Professionals with as much assistance and education as possible to support them to prevent and resolve complaints.

“Thank you for making such a rich and detailed webinar. It covered so many things and I got a lot from it - even things I didn’t have on my radar! [My next steps will be better placed now], because of this webinar. Thank you!”
- Richard
(Some kind words from Richard who attended the first iteration of this masterclass in 2021)
Gold Line

Diversifying your income as a Therapist, by creating an online program, is easy (and not so scary!) when you're armed with the right information.

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This masterclass is for Australian based therapists who:
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Want to evolve beyond clinical work and the 1:1 ‘Therapy Chair’

Want to merge their 1:1 therapy work with an online course

Has already created an online course & begun diversifying their income

You’ll walk away from this masterclass understanding:
  • The common mistakes Therapists make when they diversify their practice and create an online program
  • Practical ways to avoid making these mistakes, protect yourself and minimise risk
  • When to engage a lawyer in your journey of diversification, and what to seek advice about
  • How to prevent being reported to AHPRA
  • Testimonials, terms and conditions, contracts, websites, and more - how to protect your backside and stay on the side of the law
  • Marketing and advertising strategies that are ‘safe’ to use.

“This webinar is the most cost effective and quickest solution for this problem - I’ve found it invaluable!”
- Jessica
(Some kind words from Jessica who joined us for the first iteration of this webinar in 2021)

Have questions about the masterclass? Let us help…

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Therapist, are you ready to create an online course and take your career (and income!) to its next level, while protecting your AHPRA registration?

For just $97, this practical masterclass and learn how to do it legally and ethically, today.