How to Hire a Virtual Assistant and Get Your Time Back

Get your time back

Welcome back to the podcast! In this episode, we are joined by Karina Kerr, an administration and business operations consultant from the Australian Allied Health Agency, to shed light on a critical aspect of entrepreneurial growth for therapists—hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA). With therapists increasingly feeling the pressure of juggling 1:1 work and the desire…

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How you can create additional income as a therapist

create additional income as a therapist

Are you intrigued by the various avenues available for therapists to diversify their income beyond one-on-one sessions? Ever wondered about the earning potential when therapists evolve beyond the traditional ‘Therapy Chair’? Well, we have just the episode for you!  In this episode, we explore the multitude of ways therapists can expand their income streams, leveraging…

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Creating a Unique Brand with Martiene van Steyn

Creating a Unique Brand

In this episode, I welcome return guest (and all round amazing human!) Martiene van Steyn to delve deep into the world of branding and creating a unique brand. Martiene Van Steyn, is a seasoned Brand Architect who specializes in empowering individuals in the health and wellness industry. Episode Highlights: About Our Guest: Martiene van Steyn…

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Thriving after Burnout with Rebecca Black

Thriving after Burnout

Today’s episode is a conversation and topic that is deeply close to my heart… it’s a conversation about burnout. And it’s a struggle that I know so many of us face –  that’s why I sat down with fellow therapist, Rebecca Black from Sustainable Therapists to deep dive into therapist burnout, recovery, and thriving after…

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Season 4: Episode 23: August Monthly Musing: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Welcome to our August installment of the uber-popular series, Unmasked Monthly Musings. This month we have a fun (but potentially close-to-home) conversation that we think you will love! If you’re a therapist who’s taken the courageous step towards diversifying your income and impact through new avenues, you’re likely familiar with these inner dialogues: 💭 “I’m…

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Season 4: Episode 20: Breaking the silence of neonatal care and birth trauma with Dr. Frankie Harrison

neonatal care and birth trauma

In this captivating episode, we embark on a heartfelt journey with Dr. Frankie Harrison, a UK-based clinical psychologist, and Co-Founder of Miracle Moon. Frankie candidly shares about the unexpected turn her life took when she gave birth at 31 weeks following preeclampsia during pregnancy and the subsequent trauma that followed. With support from a fellow…

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