Embracing Failure: Unveiling My Journey from Flop to Success

My Journey from Flop to Success

In today’s uniquely different episode, I am joined by one of my amazing staff members as we rewind the clock back to 2011 to discuss my journey from flop to success. Together we unravel the candid backstory of my initial online program failure and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. Join us for a…

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What the Heck is an ADHD Coach? with Sharon Collon

ADHD Coach with Sharon Collon

Join us for an inspiring (and FUN!) conversation with Sharon Collon, an award-winning certified ADHD Coach, devoted wife to an ADHD husband, mother of three kids with ADHD, and the founder of The Functional Family.  When Sharon found herself navigating the complexities of creating a “Functional Family” amidst ADHD challenges, she embarked on a quest…

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How to Step Outside the Therapy Chair and Create Your Dream Career with Launa Martin

Step Outside the Therapy Chair

In this inspiring episode, we delve into the world of transformation with guest Launa Martin, a remarkable transformational midwife.  Launa Martin is a transformational midwife with a diverse career, having also served as a birth doula, death doula, childbirth educator, and assistant home birth midwife. She now specializes in helping women and men create transformations…

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