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What the Heck is an ADHD Coach? with Sharon Collon

Join us for an inspiring (and FUN!) conversation with Sharon Collon, an award-winning certified ADHD Coach, devoted wife to an ADHD husband, mother of three kids with ADHD, and the founder of The Functional Family. 

When Sharon found herself navigating the complexities of creating a “Functional Family” amidst ADHD challenges, she embarked on a quest to understand the ADHD brain better. This journey was a rollercoaster of trials, bizarre experiments, and dedicated study into ADHD. Despite the initial hurdles, the Collon family unearthed ways to harmonize life with ADHD, paving the path for Sharon to extend this wisdom to others.

Today, Sharon empowers individuals through Adult ADHD Coaching, Parent Mentoring, a budget-friendly membership, a comprehensive 6-week program, and the engaging ADHD Families Podcast. Her mission is to provide a nurturing space for those with ADHD to comprehend their unique brain wiring and forge personalized strategies for success.

Episode Highlights:

–  Sharon’s personal experience navigating ADHD diagnosis and the transformation from feeling under-equipped to becoming an empowering ADHD coach.

– Insights on how therapists and ADHD coaches collaborate to provide comprehensive support for individuals with ADHD, enhancing outcomes and easing the load on therapists.

– Discover how working with an ADHD coach can significantly improve outcomes and alleviate the pressure on therapists, leading to more effective care.

– Exploring the significance of personalized, whole-family approaches in ADHD care, emphasizing the importance of tailored support for each individual.

– Engage with candid and humorous anecdotes shared about living with ADHD, offering relatable moments and insights into the daily experiences of those with ADHD.

– Uncover the significance of accreditation in the ADHD coaching space and gain valuable insights into identifying accredited ADHD coaches.

This episode is a goldmine for anyone interested in ADHD—whether it’s a personal connection or professional curiosity. Sharon’s insights, her journey, and her dedication to empowering thousands of families are not only inspiring but also incredibly informative. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this!


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