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How to Step Outside the Therapy Chair and Create Your Dream Career with Launa Martin

In this inspiring episode, we delve into the world of transformation with guest Launa Martin, a remarkable transformational midwife. 

Launa Martin is a transformational midwife with a diverse career, having also served as a birth doula, death doula, childbirth educator, and assistant home birth midwife. She now specializes in helping women and men create transformations in various aspects of their lives, birthing new futures for themselves.

Join us as we discuss the challenges therapists face when seeking to evolve beyond the traditional ‘Therapy Chair’ and the importance of surrounding oneself with supportive communities during this journey of self-discovery and growth. Discover the power of fluidity in identity, and the necessity of confronting beliefs and fears that may be hindering your progress. 

Episode highlights:

  • The grief and sadness experienced by therapists when realizing the ‘Therapy Chair’ is no longer an aligned fit.
  • The significance of a supportive community during the transition away from the ‘Therapy Chair’
  • The adaptability of identity to change and growth.
  • Confronting beliefs, programming, and fears that hinder our pursuit of dreams.
  • Honoring personal needs, even when it means moving away from others.

Tune in and be reminded that you have the capacity to be whoever you desire in this lifetime, all while enjoying the process!


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