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[OCTOBER MONTHLY MUSING] How to show up professionally when your life is a sh!tshow

***Today’s episode comes with a trigger warning: Pregnancy loss is discussed

What I’ve learned about business, life, and being a therapist after experiencing a devastating loss…

We were recently thrown a huge unexpected curve ball when I fell pregnant… and soon after found out the pregnancy was not viable. In an instant, our lives changed dramatically.

All of this unfolded in the midst of running a multi-six business, onboarding 3 new staff members, and my son becoming concerningly unwell. Life was an absolute sh!tshow, to say the least!

The past month has certainly made me realize how incredibly difficult it is to show up professionally (especially when working clinically!) when we are struggling personally.

This month’s unmasked monthly musing isn’t simply a personal share…

It’s a call to action for my fellow therapists.

The 1:1 therapy space is not designed to support your health, your happiness, or your finances, and quite frankly, you deserve more.

At some point in time, we are all brought to our knees by life and I desperately want your work to support you to prioritise your healing and happiness when it does.

If you’re ever going to tune into a podcast episode of mine then please, let it be this one.


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