Using Intuition to Supercharge your Business Success with Emma Gray

Supercharge your Business Success

In today’s episode, we’re diving into a topic that, while often overlooked, is crucial for any entrepreneur: the power of intuition in business success. Joining me is Emma Gray, a renowned expert, and a dear friend, to explore how tapping into your intuition can lead to breakthroughs in your business and personal growth. Whether you’re…

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[WORKSHOP REPLAY] Repackage Your Skills into a Profitable & Impactful Online Program

Repackage your skills

Welcome to a very special episode of the podcast, where we’ve uploaded a game-changing workshop replay from our annual free training series, “The Online Program Blueprint for Therapists.” If you’ve ever dreamt of diversifying your income and amplifying your impact as a therapist, this episode is your golden ticket. What’s Inside This Workshop Replay: Why…

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Is Your 1:1 Clinical Work Holding You Back?

Clinical Work Holding You Back?

In this deeply personal and insightful episode, join me as I explore the transformative potential of incorporating online programs into traditional mental health therapy practices. I identify four key signs indicating when one-on-one work may be limiting your growth and how online programs can unlock new opportunities for therapists to expand their impact, reach, and…

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The secrets to creating a six figure online program with Kerry Evetts

creating a six figure online program

If you’ve ever contemplated the idea of crafting an online program to diversify your income streams and amplify your impact, this episode is a must-listen. We recognize the common challenges that therapists often grapple with – whether it’s the daunting lack of knowledge about where to begin, the overwhelming nature of the process, the relentless…

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4 Creative Strategies For a Quick Cash Injection

Strategies For a Quick Cash Injection

Hey there, therapists and fellow entrepreneurs! I’m thrilled to dive into today’s episode where we’re going to unpack some creative strategies for a quick cash injection. We all know how crucial financial resources are in this dynamic space – whether it’s hiring support, maintaining our websites, or anything in between, these strategies are like a…

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If You Want a Six-Figure Online Program – Do What You Do Best

Do what you do best

In today’s episode, we’re tackling a common myth head-on—the notion that successful online programs are reserved for those “out there,” the ones with massive followings and lengthy email lists, the ones with the skills in marketing and sales. In this mini-episode, I’m here to give you a loving reframe and a gentle kick in the…

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How to Launch a Profitable Online Program on a Shoestring Budget

Launch a Profitable Online Program

Hey there, fellow therapists! Welcome to another episode where we explore the ins and outs of bringing your incredible knowledge and expertise into the online world. Today, we’re tackling a big hurdle that might be holding you back: the idea that starting an online program is just too expensive. I’m here to show you that…

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HELP! I Don’t Have Enough Time to Create My Online Program

I Don't Have Enough Time

As a therapist, you’re well-acquainted with the race against time. Client sessions, administrative duties, and the emotional labor of our profession can leave us feeling like there’s never enough time to develop the projects that truly matter—like creating an online program. In today’s episode, I guide you through four transformative strategies to conquer time scarcity…

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Unlocking the Profit Potential of Your Online Program

Profit Potential of Your Online Program

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering which of your many online program ideas to pursue, questioning the demand for your digital offerings, or seeking clarity on which idea has the potential to skyrocket your impact and income, then you are going to enjoy today’s episode! The leap from traditional therapy to the online world can…

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