Mastering Peak Performance with Dr. Natasha Davison

Mastering Peak Performance

If you consider yourself a high-performing individual, you’re in for a treat. Our guest this week, Dr. Natasha Davison, is a registered health psychologist and a renowned coach for high-performers and elite athletes. She specializes in dismantling mental barriers that can hinder peak performance. What’s fascinating is that the principles she employs with athletes are directly…

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Creating a Unique Brand with Martiene van Steyn

Creating a Unique Brand

In this episode, I welcome return guest (and all round amazing human!) Martiene van Steyn to delve deep into the world of branding and creating a unique brand. Martiene Van Steyn, is a seasoned Brand Architect who specializes in empowering individuals in the health and wellness industry. Episode Highlights: About Our Guest: Martiene van Steyn…

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Thriving after Burnout with Rebecca Black

Thriving after Burnout

Today’s episode is a conversation and topic that is deeply close to my heart… it’s a conversation about burnout. And it’s a struggle that I know so many of us face –  that’s why I sat down with fellow therapist, Rebecca Black from Sustainable Therapists to deep dive into therapist burnout, recovery, and thriving after…

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Thriving in Business and Life with Shannon Dunn

Thriving in Business and Life

Welcome to another AWESOME episode of the Therapists Rising Podcast! Today I’m here to challenge the one-size-fits-all approach to business that might not align with your true potential. Life’s too short not to thrive, especially for therapists and therapist entrepreneurs. That’s why I’ve invited Shannon Dunn from The Thrive Factor Co to guide us through…

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