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Thriving after Burnout with Rebecca Black

Today’s episode is a conversation and topic that is deeply close to my heart… it’s a conversation about burnout. And it’s a struggle that I know so many of us face –  that’s why I sat down with fellow therapist, Rebecca Black from Sustainable Therapists to deep dive into therapist burnout, recovery, and thriving after burnout.

Rebecca, who has experienced her own battles with burnout and chronic health conditions, now dedicates herself to helping therapists create the balanced and fulfilling lives they once dreamt of, even amidst the demands of clinical practice. She’s not just knowledgeable, but also lives and breathes the principles she imparts about working and living sustainably and joyfully – and also happens to be one of our incredible Incubator alumni.

In this episode, Rebecca and I explore:

– The subtle yet powerful shifts therapists and therapist entrepreneurs can make to support their wellbeing and craft more sustainable ways of working.

– Examining the unhealthy and unhelpful industry norms that can detrimentally affect therapists’ health and happiness. (Yes, the myth that an overflowing caseload equals being a ‘good’ therapist is discussed).

– Navigating the challenge of balancing the value of contributing to the world with self-sacrifice, emphasizing the crucial role of setting boundaries in this process.

– Practical tips on fostering self-care, self-connection, and self-discovery, especially for those accustomed to giving to others continuously.

– Insights into the therapist entrepreneur journey, and how you can diversify your income while being of service to others in fresh, innovative ways that support your own wellbeing.

Whether you’re still rooted in the ‘Therapy Chair’ or have begun exploring other online offerings (a journey that, if not approached mindfully, can also lead to burnout), this conversation with Rebecca is bound to be immensely supportive.


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