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Creating a Unique Brand with Martiene van Steyn

In this episode, I welcome return guest (and all round amazing human!) Martiene van Steyn to delve deep into the world of branding and creating a unique brand. Martiene Van Steyn, is a seasoned Brand Architect who specializes in empowering individuals in the health and wellness industry.

Episode Highlights:

  • Decoding Branding: Unraveling the mystery behind branding and understanding why it’s a crucial facet for therapist entrepreneurs. (Hint: It’s the key to attracting dream clients and achieving the impact and income you aspire for!)
  • Signs Your Branding Needs TLC: Learn to spot the telltale signs that your brand needs some tender loving care and explore the common branding blunders therapists often make.
  • Embarking on Your Branding Journey: Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining an existing brand, gain invaluable insights on where to commence and how to elevate your brand presence.
  • Crafting a Brand That’s Uniquely You: Say no to generic, one-size-fits-all branding! Discover the secrets to crafting a brand that authentically represents you.
  • Personal Brand vs Business Brand: Navigate the choice between a personal brand and a business brand, and determine the path that aligns best with your aspirations.

About Our Guest:

Martiene van Steyn is a distinguished Brand Architect with a specialization in guiding professionals in the health and wellness sector. Her expertise lies in helping individuals connect with the core of their businesses, enabling them to create brands that resonate and establish meaningful connections with their ideal clientele. 

Tune in to this episode and unlock the transformative power of branding for therapist entrepreneurs. Your brand might just be the linchpin to realizing your entrepreneurial dreams. Don’t miss out—listen now!

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