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Embracing Failure: Unveiling My Journey from Flop to Success

In today’s uniquely different episode, I am joined by one of my amazing staff members as we rewind the clock back to 2011 to discuss my journey from flop to success. Together we unravel the candid backstory of my initial online program failure and the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

Join us for a candid, and slightly cringe-worthy, discussion where I share practical tips and a-ha moments that can transform your practice and professional trajectory.

Podcast Episode Highlights:

– Why my first online program failed: Unveiling the foundational mishaps that led to the initial setback.

– Overcoming setbacks: How I navigated disappointment and fear, summoning the courage to re-enter the online program space.

– Lessons Learned: Insights from 12 years of trial, error, and growth that propelled my current multi 6-figure online program success.

– Common mistakes & advice: Identifying common pitfalls in therapist-created online programs and offering actionable advice based on tried and tested strategies.

– Stepping beyond the ‘Therapy Chair’: Essential initial steps for therapists aspiring to venture into the realm of online programs.

This episode is a goldmine for therapists and therapist entrepreneurs, whether you’re rooted in the 1:1 ‘Therapy Chair’ or exploring diversifying your practice and income with an online program.

This episode holds a special place in my heart, embodying 12 years of relentless dedication and hard work. It’s a reflection of how online programs have revolutionized both my professional and personal life, offering a glimpse into how they could transform yours too!


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