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Season 4: Episode 20: Breaking the silence of neonatal care and birth trauma with Dr. Frankie Harrison

In this captivating episode, we embark on a heartfelt journey with Dr. Frankie Harrison, a UK-based clinical psychologist, and Co-Founder of Miracle Moon.

Frankie candidly shares about the unexpected turn her life took when she gave birth at 31 weeks following preeclampsia during pregnancy and the subsequent trauma that followed. With support from a fellow mum [Georgie], Frankie and Georgie harnessed their shared NICU experiences to create an empowering online platform called “Miracle Moon UK” – a safe haven where parents’ emotional struggles are openly discussed, breaking the silence around the often-overlooked impacts of neonatal care and birth trauma. 

In this conversation, Frankie and I also explore:

– How she has navigates the boundaries between her personal lived experience and her professional role as a regulated health professional

– How she has successfully created a niche business in an area that’s not openly spoken about

– The power of community for the people you support, and how she’s harnessed community to grow Miracle Moon

– The emotional impact of neonatal care on parents, the lack of support available, and the prevalence of trauma and PTSD among parents who have been through this experience – and how her personal experience in this system fuelled her vision and mission

– How she has diversified her work and income and evolved beyond the 1:1 ‘Therapy Chair

Tune in to this enlightening episode for an inspiring conversation that underscores the importance of community, vulnerability, and empathy in our journeys toward healing.


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