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Season 4: Episode 19: The Next Era of Mental Health – How to Revolutionize your Career with Dr. Liz Lasky

The therapy industry is rapidly and radically changing and therapists are being urged to adapt. Join me and Dr. Liz Lasky, a seasoned social worker, and coach based in the bustling city of New York, as we unravel the potential of coaching to revolutionize the mental health industry. You’ll be amazed at the strengths of coaching she reveals, like the magic of goal-setting and the ability to create incredible results for clients. Discover how coaching’s focus on the present and future sets it apart from traditional therapy’s emphasis on the past.

This spicy episode also sees  Dr. Lasky passionately share why therapists should dive into coaching, unlocking their full potential and transforming their lives in the process.

Here are the key takeaways from this episode:

  • Exploring the differences between coaching and therapy, and how coaching focuses on the present and future while therapy delves into the past.
  • The mountains of evidence-based, science-driven, and data-backed methodologies in coaching that can revolutionize the mental health industry.
  • The importance of therapists learning coaching skills to enhance their practice and transform their personal and professional lives.
  • A sneak peek into “The Next Era of Mental Health” summit, featuring interviews with industry leaders and disruptors, sparking new ideas for mental health professionals.

 Don’t miss this chance to gain a fresh perspective and embrace the power of coaching in this exciting new era of mental health. Tune in now to experience a podcast episode filled with wisdom, inspiration, and actionable takeaways that will leave you hungry for more!

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