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Season 4: Episode 16: Breaking the Silence: A Psychologist’s Journey through Addiction and Recovery with Dr. David Lee

A clinical psychologist in active recovery from alcoholism.

Be honest, what thoughts cross your mind, and what feelings arise when you read those words? Discomfort? Judgment? Concern? You wouldn’t be alone.

Today on the podcast, Hayley is joined by Dr. David Lee. A Clinical Psychologist with 17 years of experience, sobriety coach and addiction specialist, and you guessed it, recovering alcoholic.

In this vulnerable, open, and honest conversation, Hayley and David explore: 

– The stigma, shame and reluctance among therapists to disclose their personal struggles.

– David’s personal journey of recovery from alcoholism and related addictions, and how his journey led him to venture into the field of helping others struggling with addiction.

– David’s desire for more freedom, creativity, and flexibility in his work, which ultimately led him to embrace coaching as a means of supporting others.

– The challenges faced by individuals in the recovery journey and how a sobriety coach can support them.

This thought-provoking interview is one that will stretch you and stick with you long after it ends.

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