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Season 4: Episode 17: From Passion to Purpose with Mim Jenkinson

In 2015, when Mim was off work undergoing chemo and radiation, she taught herself how to make stickers as a creative outlet, passion project, and act of self-care.
Fast forward 8 years and her business, Love From Mim has grown to multi-6-figures and she’s taught over 10,000 students from all over the world to make and sell stickers – many of whom have gone on to create very financially abundant sticker businesses themselves.

Not only is Mim an incredible example of how following your passion can lead to purpose and abundance she’s also built huge online followings across many platforms, is an incredibly savvy and values-led business owner, and just happens to be a mentor and friend to Hayley.

In this conversation, Mim and Hayley discuss:

– How her personal journey with cancer and mental health challenges reshaped her priorities

– Trusting your path and intuition, even when it doesn’t make crystal clear sense

– Creating a business that aligns with your personal values and dream lifestyle, rather than trying to fit into the status quo, conform to industry norms or emulate other people’s business models

– The common mistakes people make when building their businesses, such as not reinvesting profits back into marketing and audience growth

– And the key traits of a successful entrepreneur (that you can nurture and build within yourself!)

We hope enjoy this conversation today with Mim, and we hope it ignites your desire to ruthlessly chase your passions in life.


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