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[WORKSHOP REPLAY] Repackage Your Skills into a Profitable & Impactful Online Program

Welcome to a very special episode of the podcast, where we’ve uploaded a game-changing workshop replay from our annual free training series, “The Online Program Blueprint for Therapists.” If you’ve ever dreamt of diversifying your income and amplifying your impact as a therapist, this episode is your golden ticket.

What’s Inside This Workshop Replay:

  • A Path to Profitability and Impact: Discover how to leverage your unique skills and experiences to create an online program that not only enriches your professional life but also ensures you stay within the ethical and legal frameworks of your regulatory body.
  • The Impact Matrix Framework: A step-by-step guide to evaluating your program ideas, ensuring they’re not only viable but primed for success. Learn how to assess your ideas based on Passion, Expertise, Market Demand, and Profitability.
  • Navigating the Digital Space as a Therapist: Insights into choosing a fulfilling and profitable niche while ensuring your online program aligns with professional standards and regulatory requirements.
  • A Sneak Peek into Our Next Sessions: Get a glimpse of what’s coming in the remaining training sessions, including advanced strategies for curriculum development and legal-ethical considerations for online therapy programs.

Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Over 3,000 Therapists Can’t Be Wrong: Join a global community of therapists who’ve already embarked on this journey to diversify their income and increase their impact.
  • Real Feedback, Real Results: Hear the amazing feedback from session #1 and understand why this training has been a game-changer for therapists worldwide.

And it’s not too late to join us for the remaining workshops – believe me when I say, this opportunity is too valuable to pass up! 

Get your free ticket here.

Whether you missed the live workshop or simply prefer to digest content at your own pace, this podcast replay is your backstage pass to transformative insights and actionable strategies for creating a profitable and impactful online program.

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