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Can You Really Make $20000 a Month as a Therapist?

Welcome to an eye-opening episode of our podcast, where we’re tackling a question that sparks curiosity and skepticism in equal measure: “Can you really make $20,000 a month as a therapist?” This session is born from the heart of our free training series, The Online Program Blueprint for Therapists, which has already reached nearly 3,500 therapists worldwide.

In this episode, we delve deep into the possibilities that lie beyond traditional therapy practice. With therapists often caught in the narrative that their services must remain affordable to be accessible, the concept of earning significantly more can seem distant, if not impossible. But what if I told you that breaking past these financial barriers is not only possible but achievable?

🌟 Why This Episode Is a Must-Listen:

  • Busting Myths: We address the common doubts and myths about earning potential for therapists.
  • Mindset Shifts: Discover the mindset shifts necessary to envision and achieve a $20K month or a $50K launch of your online program.
  • Inspiring Success Stories: Hear from therapists who’ve transformed their practices and lives by adopting new strategies and perspectives.
  • Exclusive Insights: This episode features highlights from one of our most feedback-rich Q&A/Mindset sessions from the workshop series.

For Therapists Who:

  • Question their ability to earn more from their practice.
  • Feel trapped by the notion that their services must remain widely affordable.
  • Aspire to increase their income not just for wealth, but for the freedom and opportunities it brings.

Tune in to reframe your thoughts about money, value, and the impact you can make as a therapist. Whether you’re looking to scale your practice, launch an online program, or simply explore what’s possible beyond the therapy room, this episode is your starting point.

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