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Season 4: Epsiode 13: The Key to Unlocking Transformation in Online Courses with Tracey Lewis Stoekel

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Tracey Lewis Stoeckel, a seasoned curriculum specialist, and online course coach. Tracey shares invaluable insights on creating a course curriculum that truly empowers learners and fosters their success.

Tracey’s passion for education stems from her own journey as an entrepreneur, transitioning to the medical field, and finally becoming a curriculum designer. Tracy begins by highlighting the profound impact of a well-designed curriculum. 

During the conversation, Tracey highlights the profound impact of a well-designed curriculum as she dives into the core principles of effective curriculum design, emphasizing the importance of understanding learner psychology and creating a clear roadmap for learning. 

In this practical and helpful conversation, Tracey and I also explore:

  •  How to create your course’s curriculum and design a roadmap that supports your clients to achieve their desired outcomes
  •  Common mistakes course creators make when designing their curriculum – and how to avoid them
  • How to create concise and curated content that’s easy to consume and apply, and that doesn’t overwhelm people
  • How to keep students engaged throughout the course, and ways to provide accountability and support
  • And the exciting topic of gamification!

Join us as we unlock the secrets to designing compelling learning experiences that foster growth and transformation. Get ready to empower your audience and make a lasting impact!


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