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Season 4: Episode 12: Revolutionizing Sensory Integration in Occupational Therapy with Kerry Evetts

In this captivating episode, join Hayley as she interviews Kerry Evetts, an Occupational Therapist (OT) and the Founder of Sense Up, who is on a mission to impact the lives of one million sensory children over the next five years. Kerry’s inspiring journey began after a life-altering health scare, which prompted her to reevaluate her life and pursue her passion for teaching sensory processing theory to other OTs and health professionals.

During the interview, Kerry delves deep into the unique needs of sensory kids, exploring sensory integration theory and providing invaluable insights on how practitioners and even parents of sensory children can effectively support them. From understanding how the body reads and responds to sensory information to uncovering proven approaches for supporting sensory kids, Kerry shares her wealth of therapeutic experience.

But that’s not all! Kerry also takes us on her personal journey from OT to entrepreneur, revealing how she leveraged her extensive therapeutic background to drive the next phase of her career. She candidly discusses the challenges she faced while transitioning into a ‘CEO’ role in her business and the growth she experienced by up-leveling her entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. All of this was done with a clear goal in mind: to make a difference in the lives of one million children with sensory issues.

Get ready for an enlightening and empowering episode that will leave you inspired. Join us as we explore Kerry’s remarkable journey and gain valuable insights into the world of sensory integration and entrepreneurship.


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