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Season 4: Episode 14: June Monthly Musing: Unmasking the Dark Side of Coaching

In this month’s Unmasked Monthly Musing episode, we have an intense unmasked discussion about a recent experience Hayley had at a coaching event. And although Hayley grappled with sharing this, she wanted to share this experience openly and honestly as it sheds light on the importance of proper training and expertise in the coaching industry.

The coaching industry, like the mental health field, has its share of good and bad practitioners. It is crucial that we strive for higher standards and ensure that coaches are adequately trained and educated. Currently, there is a prevailing trend of coaches learning techniques without proper context and passing them on to others without understanding the potential harm they may cause. This lack of awareness can lead to dangerous situations and legal complications. As therapists, we understand the significance of creating a safe and regulated environment for our clients, and the same should be expected from coaches.

But this episode isn’t just a commentary on the dark side of the entrepreneurial world, it’s a deep reflection on…

– What it truly means to live a values-embodied and driven life, and run and grow a values-embodied and driven business

– How we can stay true to our values, even when it means jeopardizing opportunities and sometimes even risking damaging our reputation

– How to be discerning about who you learn from and what they are teaching, even when they are perceived as the ‘guru’ in their field

– And some of the issues with the coaching industry, and why the Therapists Rising team is dedicated to supporting more regulated therapists, who have backgrounds in trauma-informed therapy, to step into these roles.

We hope you enjoy this candid conversation.


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