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HELP! I Don’t Have Enough Time to Create My Online Program

As a therapist, you’re well-acquainted with the race against time. Client sessions, administrative duties, and the emotional labor of our profession can leave us feeling like there’s never enough time to develop the projects that truly matter—like creating an online program. In today’s episode, I guide you through four transformative strategies to conquer time scarcity and unlock the potential of online programs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Financial Stability is Key: I discuss the critical first step of plugging financial holes in your practice. By aligning your pricing with the value you provide, streamlining billing processes, and reducing overhead, you can create a financial buffer that frees up time for program creation.
  2. Time Management as a Habit: Discover techniques such as time blocking and prioritization that can turn time management into a daily habit. Consistency and discipline in these practices can open up hours each week for developing your online program.
  3. CEO Mindset and Boundaries: Embrace your role as the CEO of your practice. I explore the power of saying “no” and setting clear boundaries, ensuring that every decision you make aligns with your broader vision and goals.
  4. Outsourcing to Scale: Learn about the role of outsourcing in freeing up your time. I explain why hiring a Virtual Assistant can be a strategic move, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating activities and the creation of your online program.


This episode isn’t just a lesson in finding more hours in the day; it’s about creating space to pursue work that can transform your practice and the lives of those you aim to help. Online programs offer the chance to extend your reach and create a lasting impact.

We Want to Hear From You!

Have you mastered a time management technique that’s revolutionized your practice? Or are you still in search of that perfect strategy? I’d love to hear your success stories or struggles. Reach out with a message, an email, or tag me over at @dr.hayleykelly @therapists.rsising on social media. Let’s support each other as we navigate our professional journeys.


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