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But what if they hate me! Dealing with the fear of judgment

In this recent “Therapist Rising” podcast episode, I recounted an incredible in-person event for the incubator that surpassed all my expectations. Gathering about 40 therapists in Sydney for an intense two-day session on business training, skills, and mindsets was a significant highlight. The unexpected Awards night turned emotional, bringing tears, joy, and a profound sense of accomplishment among all attendees.

During my workshop presentation, I openly admitted that my new framework might not be perfect, asking for understanding and room for growth. Surprisingly, a therapist approached me afterward, expressing how empowering it was to receive permission to embrace imperfections.

Reflecting on therapists’ fear of judgment, I highlighted how professional standards and societal expectations intensify this fear. However, I encouraged reframing this fear as an opportunity for connection, relatability, and authenticity.

It’s important not to let a few negative comments overshadow the numerous positive responses when stepping into visibility. The key is acknowledging that visibility attracts both positive and negative attention while focusing on the impact of authenticity over the fear of judgment.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace imperfection: My vulnerability in presenting an unfinished framework empowered others to accept their imperfections.
  2. Challenge fear of judgment: Professional standards intensify the fear, but reframing it as an opportunity for connection can be liberating.
  3. Don’t let negativity overshadow positivity: While negative comments might arise, focusing on overwhelming positive responses is crucial in maintaining authenticity.
  4. Stepping into visibility: Accept that visibility attracts both positive and negative attention, but focus on the impact of authenticity over fear of judgment.

Let’s rally around the idea that our imperfections, both in our profession and personal lives, are what make us truly unique and relatable. It’s okay to show vulnerability; it’s what connects us on a deeper level. So, let’s ditch the fear of being judged and step confidently into the spotlight. By sharing our real, unfiltered experiences, we not only empower ourselves but also leave a lasting impact on our clients, communities, and the therapy field. It’s our time to shine and inspire others to do the same!


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