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How you can create additional income as a therapist

Are you intrigued by the various avenues available for therapists to diversify their income beyond one-on-one sessions? Ever wondered about the earning potential when therapists evolve beyond the traditional ‘Therapy Chair’? Well, we have just the episode for you! 

In this episode, we explore the multitude of ways therapists can expand their income streams, leveraging their skills and expertise to generate more revenue. From assessments and consulting to retreats and online programs, we’ve got you covered with the full low down!

Key takeaways:

–  We walk you through the diverse ways therapists can leverage their skills and experience to create new services and offerings. Explore the potential of assessments, consulting, retreats, and online programs as alternative income streams.

– Understanding the nuances of each option is vital. We’ll guide you through the pros and cons of these income-generating avenues, enabling you to make informed decisions aligning with your preferences and professional aspirations.

– Gain a practical understanding of the earning potential therapists can unlock when transitioning beyond the confines of traditional one-on-one therapy. Learn about the actual dollars that can be made as therapists evolve their practice.

This episode is a must-listen for therapists seeking liberation from the one-on-one therapy cycle, breaking away from regulatory constraints, and aiming to enhance both income and freedom in their work and life.


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