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Five Things I Would Do Differently in My Business if I Was Starting From Scratch

Hey there, fellow therapist entrepreneur! If you’re embarking on the journey of evolving from the therapy chair to establishing an online presence, this episode is for you!

I see you – the therapist with a passion for helping others, seeking to expand your impact and create a business beyond the traditional therapy setting. You’re brave for stepping into this realm, and trust me, I know firsthand the challenges that come with this transition and the common pitfalls of creating an online program.

Stepping into entrepreneurship as a therapist can feel daunting. You might grapple with uncertainty, feeling overwhelmed, or unsure of how to evolve your practice. But here’s the truth: these feelings are a natural part of the journey. I’ve navigated these waters myself, reflecting on what I’d do differently if I were starting over to build an online program and business.

Let me be clear – my mistakes have been my best teachers. However, I’m here to share insights that could save you time, money, and unnecessary stress as you carve your unique path in the online world.

So, let’s dive in! Grab your notebook and a cuppa and get ready to jot down these top five strategies I’d employ if I were to start all over again tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:

Lesson 1: Tracking Crucial Metrics

From day one, I’ve realized the power of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Despite initial reservations about numbers, I’ve come to see their indispensable value in understanding business performance and growth. We’re talking podcast analytics, audience metrics (like Instagram growth and engagement), email list stats (growth, open rates, click-through rates), and website traffic.

Why does this matter? Well, tracking metrics allows for informed decision-making and empowers experimentation to optimize content. It’s all about learning what works best for your audience.

Lesson 2: Building and Engaging Your Audience

Before diving into content creation, it’s crucial to focus on audience building. Define your ideal audience, create valuable content, engage actively, and foster a sense of community. Trust me, this forms the bedrock of a successful online program.

Human connection is key here. Building engagement and a sense of community fosters trust, leading to deeper connections and a willingness to invest in your offerings.

Lesson 3: Consistent Content Creation

Content is king, and consistency is queen! It’s not just about producing material; it’s about offering value consistently. Take my podcast; it’s been a game-changer for engaging my audience, building credibility, and guiding them on their journey.

Strategic planning is everything. Understanding your audience’s needs and aligning your content strategy accordingly is a game-changer. Trust me, a content calendar is a lifesaver! Batch content production and project management have streamlined my workflow, ensuring quality without compromising consistency.

Lesson 4: The Importance of Project Management

Implementing a project management system has transformed my efficiency. Organizing tasks, streamlining workflows, and eliminating mental clutter have significantly impacted the success of my business.

Lesson 5: Creating a 12-month Promotional Calendar

Planning promotions well in advance has been a game-changer. It helps structure content, engage the audience, reduce overwhelm, and provide ample preparation time.

These lessons aren’t just theoretical; they’re practical strategies that have transformed my online program creation journey. Whether you’re starting out or looking to boost your existing business, these insights can work wonders for you too.

So, if you’re aiming to establish a successful online program or dive into the digital business world, this podcast episode is a goldmine of actionable strategies and insights


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