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Offering Scholarships in Your Online Program: Increasing Accessibility without Going Broke!

Hey there, therapist friend! Are you ready to make your online program more inclusive and accessible, but worried about breaking the bank? Well, buckle up, because in this episode we’re diving into the world of scholarships and how you can make them work for your business. This episode is all about Increasing Accessibility without Going Broke!

In this value-packed episode, you’ll discover:

– The super powerful “why” behind offering scholarships (spoiler alert: it’s not just about being a good human, but also about making a massive impact!)
– The nitty-gritty considerations for creating a scholarship strategy that won’t leave you eating ramen noodles (we’re talking how many to offer, who’s eligible, and all that jazz)
– Creative tactics for making your program more accessible, like partial scholarships, tiered pricing, and teaming up with community orgs
– How to shout about your scholarships from the rooftops in a way that feels authentic, transparent, and totally inclusive
– The juggling act of balancing accessibility and sustainability (because we want you to keep changing lives for the long haul!)

Whether you’re a scholarship newbie or looking to level up your existing program, this episode is packed with actionable tips and insights to help you create an online offering that’s both inclusive and impactful.

So, if you’re ready to revolutionize mental health education and make it accessible to all, without sacrificing your financial well-being, it’s time to tune in!

Here are the key nuggets of wisdom you don’t want to miss:

1. Offering scholarships is a game-changer for living out your values and making a real difference in people’s lives.
2. Scholarships require a strategic approach that balances your passion for accessibility with the realities of running a sustainable biz.
3. There are loads of creative ways to make your program more accessible, from partial scholarships to partnering with community rockstars.
4. Authentic and transparent communication about your scholarships can help you forge deeper connections with your community and encourage more folks to apply.
5. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your scholarship offerings based on feedback and financial considerations is the secret sauce to long-term success.

If this episode has you fired up and ready to take action, I’d love to hear about it! Share your experiences and insights on offering scholarships in your online program, and let’s keep this conversation going. I’d love to hear from you – send me a DM and let me know how this episode landed for you. You can connect with me on Instagram at @dr.hayleykelly

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