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Season 4: Episode 1: Unmasked Musings: The Episode with the Snot Crying

Welcome to Season 4!

We are kicking off this season with something new and something very vulnerable. … Today marks the first installment of our brand new monthly series, Unmasked Musings. 

It comes as no surprise that we have been fed some major lies when it comes to building a business. Entrepreneurs/leaders have been conditioned to think that they have to wear a mask – a mask that says ‘Look! I’ve got all my sh!t together so trust me, trust me!’, however….

People are growing tired of the noise, the masks, and the highlight reels…

And they’re craving truth, humanness, and authenticity.

THIS truly is what will make businesses of the future thrive.

Want more refreshing business truths like this to flood your ears and mind and heart?

Well, that is what you will be getting each and every month in our Unmasked Musing – This unfiltered AF episode dives even more deeply into this topic of wearing masks and saving face in business (specifically my unadulterated experience!)… we hope you enjoy!


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