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The secrets to creating a six figure online program with Kerry Evetts

If you’ve ever contemplated the idea of crafting an online program to diversify your income streams and amplify your impact, this episode is a must-listen. We recognize the common challenges that therapists often grapple with – whether it’s the daunting lack of knowledge about where to begin, the overwhelming nature of the process, the relentless demands of a full caseload that leaves little room for anything else, or the financial constraints that restrict reinvestment in your practice. Our returning guest, Kerry Evetts (who is also a valued member of our community!), has navigated these very hurdles and is spilling the beans on what it takes to create a six-figure online program.

Key Takeaways:

  • Balancing Act: Learn how Kerry balanced her clinical practice and training business, carving out space for her online program.
  • Learning to Delegate: Discover the power of seeking assistance and delegating tasks to focus on business growth.
  • Sustainability: Kerry shares her transition to working smarter, not harder, for long-term success.
  • Designing Your Life: Explore Kerry’s approach to integrating self-care and family time into her routine without guilt.
  • Leverage: Understand the importance of leveraging resources to expand income streams beyond one-on-one sessions.
  • Preparation and Planning: Dive into Kerry’s meticulous planning process for successful program launches.
  • Authenticity and Audience: Learn how authenticity and effective communication resonate with your audience.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Discover the power of tracking and analyzing data to refine strategies for success.
  • Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship: Kerry’s commitment to making a difference underscores the value of community support.

Kerry Evetts has illuminated a path where determination, support, and the right mindset converge, enabling therapists to create and launch online programs that leave a lasting imprint. Her journey, from a full-time clinical practice to a successful online program creator, is nothing short of inspiring and offers a wealth of invaluable lessons for therapists aspiring to elevate their careers. If you’re wondering if YOU could create a successful online program, then this episode will leave a lasting impression on you – I guarantee it!

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Balancing Act: Kerry’s journey serves as a shining example of the art of balancing a clinical practice and nurturing a flourishing training business. Discover how she skillfully adjusted her clinical workload to carve out space for her online program, ultimately achieving the harmonious equilibrium that countless therapists aspire to.

Learning to Delegate: Kerry underscores the profound impact of seeking assistance and embracing support when it’s needed most. Tune in to learn how she made strategic delegations within her clinical practice, freeing herself to channel renewed focus into the growth of her training business.

Sustainability: Kerry delves into the vital aspect of structuring one’s work for long-term sustainability. She candidly shares her past experiences of overextending herself and unveils her transition to working smarter, not harder, to attain enduring success.

Designing Your Life: Explore Kerry’s journey of crafting a life that resonates with her aspirations and values. She reveals how she seamlessly incorporated self-care, cherished family moments, and leisure into her daily routine, free from the looming guilt that often plagues therapists.

The Power of Belief: Uncover the transformative role of unwavering self-belief in Kerry’s remarkable journey. Learn how her steadfast faith in herself and her mission became more precious than gold, propelling her towards entrepreneurial success.

Leverage: Together, we discuss the pivotal concept of leveraging your resources to build a thriving online program. Understand how the ability to generate income without solely relying on one-on-one client sessions can be a game-changer for therapists looking to expand their horizons.

Preparation and Planning: Kerry dives into the meticulous planning required for a successful program launch. She underscores the significance of initiating the planning process months in advance and simplifying your offerings to steer clear of any potential confusion – invaluable lessons for your entrepreneurial journey.

Authenticity and Audience: Kerry emphasizes the essence of authenticity in forging connections with your audience. She highlights the importance of effective communication and aligning with your target audience’s needs and desires for a more profound impact.

Data-Driven Decisions: Kerry shares her dedication to tracking and analyzing data to make informed decisions. Gain insights into the power of learning from past launches and continuously refining your strategies for sustained success.

Impact-Driven Entrepreneurship: Kerry has an unwavering commitment to being an impact-driven therapist entrepreneur, dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of children. She underscores the immense value of becoming part of the Therapists Rising community, with its unwavering support for those on this transformative journey.


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