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[FEBRUARY MONTHLY MUSING] Building an Empire between Toilet Training and Cooking Dinner

Hey there! Welcome to our 100th episode – what a milestone! Can you believe it? And what better way to mark this occasion than by delving into a topic that encapsulates the essence of what we’ve been talking about all along – navigating the wild ride of parenthood while building a thriving business.

Now, let’s first talk about something that’s incredibly important: time. It’s our most valuable asset, and yet, often our most limited resource. Building a business that respects and supports our time is absolutely crucial. Time is what allows us to be present with our families, to watch our children grow, and to cherish those precious moments. So, as we explore the journey of entrepreneurship amidst the chaos of everyday life, let’s keep in mind the significance of building a business that aligns with our values and allows us the freedom to prioritize what truly matters – our time with loved ones.

Key Takeaways:

Flexibility is Key: Let’s start with the cornerstone of this whole endeavor – flexibility. From scheduling client calls to managing meltdowns, being able to adapt on the fly is an absolute game-changer. Crafting a business that bends and flexes with the demands of parenthood empowers us to prioritize what truly matters – our family.

Importance of Support Systems: Next up, let’s talk about the power of community. Whether it’s rallying a team of rockstars in your business or finding solace in a tribe of fellow parent-entrepreneurs, having a support system is like having a safety net when life throws curveballs. It’s all about leaning on each other and lifting each other up.

Involving Family in Business: Now, this one’s close to my heart. Involving my own family – including my son – in business discussions has been not only enlightening but downright heartwarming. It’s opened up doors for meaningful conversations about making a difference in the world and showing our kids what’s possible when passion meets purpose.

Letting Go of Perfection: Ah, the elusive pursuit of perfection. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t exist – especially not in the chaotic dance of parenting and entrepreneurship. Embracing imperfection, rolling with the punches, and practicing self-compassion are the true keys to sanity in this beautiful mess we call life.

Prioritizing Self-Care: Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about self-care. Because let’s face it, we can’t pour from an empty cup. Setting boundaries, managing our time wisely, and showing ourselves some much-needed love and compassion are non-negotiables on this wild ride.

As we wrap up this milestone episode, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for joining me on this journey. Your support, your feedback, and your shared experiences mean the world to me. Here’s to the next 100 episodes of growth, laughter, and maybe a few more potty training mishaps along the way. Cheers to building businesses that honor our values and support the lives we want to live – one diaper change at a time!


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