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No Budget? No Problem! How to Turn Your Expertise into an Online Program Without Spending a Dime

Create a successful online program for free: Learn how to turn your therapy expertise into a digital course without spending a dime.

Are you a therapist dreaming of creating an online program but worried about the cost? What if I told you that you could launch a successful digital course without spending any money? In this episode, I’ll show you exactly how to leverage your expertise and free tools to create, host, and deliver an impactful online program.

As a therapist who’s been there, I understand the struggle of wanting to expand your reach but feeling limited by budget constraints. That’s why I’m sharing my step-by-step guide to creating a Minimum Viable Program (MVP) using only free resources. You’ll learn how to plan, create content, host, and deliver your program without breaking the bank.

From utilizing Google Docs for course outlines to recording high-quality videos with just your smartphone, this episode is packed with practical tips to get your online program off the ground. Plus, I’ll show you how to build an engaged community around your course using free platforms.

Today, you’ll learn:

  • (2:22) How to plan your program structure using free tools like Google Docs and Trello
  • (8:15) Tips for creating compelling course titles and descriptions that attract your ideal participants
  • (13:40) Strategies for recording professional-quality video content using just your smartphone
  • (19:55) How to leverage free platforms like YouTube and Google Drive to host your program
  • (25:30) Using Mailchimp’s free plan for effective program communication
  • (31:15) Building a supportive community around your program with a free Facebook group
  • (37:40) The concept of a Minimum Viable Program (MVP) and why it’s perfect for getting started

Don’t let a lack of budget hold you back from sharing your expertise with the world. Listen in and learn how to create your online program today – no investment required!


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