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Thriving as a Neurodivergent Therapist & Entrepreneur

Welcome back to this episode of the Therapists Rising podcast, where I dive into my journey to thriving as a neurodivergent therapist & entrepreneur and share insights on how to thrive in your online business.

As some of you may know, I am AuADHD with a sprinkle of RSD and Dyscalculia. Learning to play to my neurodiverse strengths and work in a way that nurtures my wellbeing has been a crucial part of my entrepreneurial journey.

With an increasing number of neurodivergent therapists joining the Therapists Rising community and seeking guidance on how to thrive in their online businesses, I felt compelled to record this episode. I share valuable insights and practical tips for neurodivergent entrepreneurs looking to succeed in their ventures.

In this episode, I cover:

  1. My personal experience as a neurodivergent entrepreneur with AuADHD, RSD, and Dyscalculia
  2. How to identify and leverage your unique neurodivergent strengths in entrepreneurship
  3. Practical shifts in daily work practices to support success and wellbeing as a neurodivergent entrepreneur
  4. Strategies for building a complementary team that fills in skill gaps and supports your strengths
  5. Neuronormative “shoulds” to ditch in order to embrace your authentic self and thrive in business

Throughout the episode, I emphasize the importance of embracing your neurodivergent quirks and differences as your greatest assets. I encourage listeners to build businesses and lives that honor their unique wiring, even if it looks different from the norm.

Whether you’re a neurodivergent therapist considering starting your own online business or an established entrepreneur looking to optimize your work practices, this episode is packed with actionable advice and inspiration.

Tune in to learn how you can work with your brain, not against it, and create a business that not only accommodates your neurodivergence but allows it to shine as the superpower it truly is.


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