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Season 4: Episode 22: Five ways to increase your revenue and income as a therapist

We’ve been talking a lot lately about the changing landscape of the mental health space. Traditional one-on-one therapy sessions are evolving – and, as therapists, now is the time to adapt. In this episode, Hayley deep dives into why diversifying revenue streams is essential to create a sustainable therapy practice and fulfilling career.

From 1-to-1 coaching to online courses and memberships, we’ll uncover the keys to unlocking revenue (and impact!).

In this podcast training, I talk you through:

– The changing landscape of the clinical space, and why therapists need to future-proof their businesses
– 5 types of signature programs, and the pros and cons of each
– How to choose the right signature program for you (that’s aligned with your values and supports you to create the impact, income, and lifestyle of your dreams)
– Where to begin on your journey of creating a signature program (it can be easy, I promise!)

Listen with a pen and paper because this episode is filled with practical guidance that will help you start bringing your signature program to life today.


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