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Season 4: Episode 23: August Monthly Musing: Unlocking Entrepreneurial Success as a Therapist

Welcome to our August installment of the uber-popular series, Unmasked Monthly Musings. This month we have a fun (but potentially close-to-home) conversation that we think you will love!

If you’re a therapist who’s taken the courageous step towards diversifying your income and impact through new avenues, you’re likely familiar with these inner dialogues:

πŸ’­ “I’m putting in effort, but where are the results? What am I missing?”
πŸ’­ “This is tough. Should I just stick to my therapy business?”
πŸ’­ “I’ve been at this for months. Shouldn’t I be further along?”
πŸ’­ “She’s light-years ahead. Why am I lagging behind?”
πŸ’­ “Am I crazy for doing this? What’s my plan?”

If you’ve had these thoughts, you’re in good company. These are the thoughts swirling through the minds of therapists as they jump into their journey to expand beyond the therapy room and support clients in innovative ways. And guess what? These feelings are absolutely normal, even if you’ve been a therapist for years! (*sorry, you’re not immune!)

We’ve noticed that many therapists in our community grapple with the challenge of “starting from scratch”. It’s understandable, given your years of mastering therapy and building a thriving practice. This phase, though natural, often becomes overwhelming for some, causing them to reconsider and revert to the comfort of the “Therapy Chair.”

However, we’re not about to let any therapist abandon their dream of innovating and evolving their work and practicing in a way that aligns with their values, passions, and desired lifestyle. That’s why this week’s podcast episode is entirely devoted to aiding you in not just surviving but thriving in this messy middle as you evolve from therapist to therapist entrepreneur.

During this episode, we dive into a 4-stage model of learning that mirrors this pivotal phase, highlighting the “high risk” stage that could lead to giving up. We’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Our aim is to provide you with practical, tried-and-true tips that will empower you to persevere, pushing towards mastery, success, and the fulfilling life you’ve envisioned.

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