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[Unmasked Monthly Musing] Burnout, Sustainability, and the Courage to Change

In this raw and honest episode, I dive deep into the alarming rates of burnout among therapists and the urgent need for change in our mental health profession. Drawing from my personal experiences and recent conversations with struggling therapists, I shed light on the systemic issues contributing to burnout and the devastating impact on both practitioners and clients.

If you’ve ever felt like you’re drowning in paperwork, constantly trying to squeeze in more clients, or battling shame and guilt for struggling with your own mental health, this episode is for you. I emphasize that you are not alone and that it’s time for us as therapists to break the silence and advocate for change.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • 2:27: My personal story of burnout and the “head in the bucket” moment that made me realize change was necessary
  • 7:06: Shocking statistics on burnout rates among therapists and the alarming trend of psychologists unable to take on new clients
  • 14:36: The systemic issues contributing to burnout, including long wait lists, pressure to see more clients, and the emotional toll of holding space for others’ trauma
  • 20:04: The importance of us as therapists taking radical responsibility for creating sustainable change in the profession
  • 25:51: Prioritizing your own well-being as a therapist and having the courage to set boundaries and ask for help

Listen to this episode for a powerful call to action and practical steps you can take to start moving towards a more sustainable, fulfilling, and impactful career as a therapist. Remember, you are not alone in this journey, and together, we can create a future where therapists can thrive, not just survive.


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