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Season 4: Episode 10: Unmasked Monthly Musing: The Path to Becoming a Million-Dollar Company

In this Unmasked Monthly Musing episode, we dive into the behind-the-scenes aspects of building a successful business that are often overshadowed by the glamorized versions we see on social media. Hayley shares personal experiences and explores the need to work on the business rather than just in it. Discover the anxiety-inducing decision that she recently made when she realized that the current business model for Therapists Rising may not be enough to reach our audacious goals. Join us as we explore the importance of continuous growth and evolution in both business and personal life.

Key Points:

  • Reflecting on the journey of Therapists Rising as a company since its establishment
  • Recognizing the need to shift focus from working IN the business to working ON the business
  • Analyzing the viability of the current business model and its limitations in achieving long-term goals
  • Embracing the challenge of stepping into a new role as CEO and acquiring the necessary skills for a seven+ figure company
  • Understanding the need for significant changes in program formats, such as the Incubator and Collective, to reach ambitious targets
  • Overcoming fear and resistance to change while weighing short-term losses against long-term gains
  • Embracing the idea that goals are not endpoints but stepping stones to continual growth and evolution

Tune in to gain insights into the less talked about aspects of business building and discover the importance of adaptability and ongoing self-development.


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