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[Unmasked Monthly Musing] Lessons from a Retreat “Disaster”

G’day and welcome to another Unmasked Monthly Musing! In this episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes of what happened when our babysitting fell through right before a major business retreat. These are the lessons from a retreat “Disaster”. Buckle up, because this is a story of:

  • Kids at a business retreat (yep, you read that right!)
  • Team members becoming fairy hunters
  • The incredible power of community
  • And how sometimes, the biggest challenges lead to the most beautiful realizations

What you’ll hear:

  • (2:00) The moment I nearly pooped my pants (figuratively… I think)
  • (6:07) How my kids surprised the hell out of me
  • (11:44) The feedback that made me want to cry (in a good way)
  • (15:30) Why I’m so damn grateful for this “disaster”
  • (20:42) A reality check on work-life integration
  • (24:48) Exciting news about our Online Program Blueprint!

This episode is for you if you’ve ever felt like your personal life and business dreams are at odds. Spoiler alert: they don’t have to be!

Remember, I’m not special or different from you. If I can do this, so can you.

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