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Episode 71: Mastering Authentic Social Media Marketing with Tracy Harris

In this episode, Dr. Hayley sits down with Tracy Harris, a Marketing Mentor and social media expert from Mums With Hustle. Tracy shares her invaluable insights on how therapist entrepreneurs can transform their approach to marketing and selling on social media, making it an enjoyable and authentic experience for both them and their community.

Key Takeaways:

Learn the essential stages to guide your audience towards an aligned “YES!” in their buying journey, ensuring authentic connections rather than pushy sales tactics.

-Gain clarity on when to create posts, reels, stories, or go live on Instagram. Understand the nuances of each format to maximize your presence.

– Discover strategies to foster meaningful connections with your online community, nurturing trust and loyalty.

– Uncover Tracy’s approach to selling that prioritizes authenticity over pushiness, resulting in a more effective and comfortable sales process.

– Address the common self-doubt narratives that hinder female entrepreneurs from selling online and learn actionable steps to break free from limiting beliefs.

Tracy is not only a Marketing Mentor and social media guru but also the driving force behind a million-dollar business built from the ground up, all while being pregnant! Her passion lies in empowering female business owners to show up on social media authentically, putting people first and profit second.


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