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Season 2: Episode 2: How To Have a Big Impact With Dr Kaitlin Harkess

Going through tough times only feels worth it in hindsight. In order to grow and discover who we are so we can have our positive impact on the world, perseverance is your best friend. 

Today, Hayley is joined by Dr. Kaitlin Harkess – Clinical Psychologist who completed her training at the University of Adelaide. She is passionate about supporting individuals in cultivating healthful and meaningful lives. She is a strong believer in an embodied approach and utilises a range of evidence-based interventions, including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness based approaches to help clients develop their strengths and overcome challenges.

Kaitlin is offering listeners of the podcast a 15% discount on her 8-week course, Yoga Brain: Code to use at checkout: THERAPISTSRISING


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