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Season 2: Episode 3: Normalising Mindful Drinking With Kirsten Chalmers

As adults, we all feel the pressure to have a drink, or few, at social events. If you aren’t drinking at a social event, you’ll find yourself typically having to justify why you aren’t drinking. Are you pregnant? Is everything okay? What’s wrong with you?

Today, Hayley is joined by special guest, Kirsten Chalmers. Kirsten has over 12 years experience as a psychologist, primarily helping clients with anxiety and depressive disorders, ADHD, OCD and  social anxiety disorders. Kirsten has special interests in burnout, executive stress, perfectionism, career transition and mindful drinking. Having been on her own mindful drinking journey, Kirsten found the lack of options when looking for 0% alcohol beverages that weren’t sugary fruit juices. With this realisation came the birth of Kirsten’s business, Point Zero Cellars. The mission is to normalise mindful drinking and give options to those wanting to start their mindful drinking journey.

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