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Season 1: Episode 11: Tapping Into the Power of Your Feminine Cycle with Renae Fieck

Why is it that some months it feels like we can get it all done. We master our to-do list, hit those difficult workouts, and have no trouble posting to social media… But then a few days later we just want to lay around in sweats and have no desire to get anything done?

This is because we’re working within a masculine 24-hour cycle, rather than the femal monthly cycle. 

Sure, we all know that during our period it’s hard to show up and get work done, but what about the other three weeks of the month? Is there anything we can get done during that menstruation time? What if you’ve hit menopause already??

In this episode, Renae is here to teach us how to access the superpower of each week in our cycle, while also sharing her story of the struggles she encountered when transitioning to a coaching career.

Want to hear more from Renae? Check her out on the Cycle Advantage Podcast and at renaefieck.com!

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