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Season 3: Episode 3: Disrupting Systems: How Improving Mental Health Literacy in the Insurance Industry will Save Lives, with Davinia Glendenning and Alana Roberts

As therapists, we can all easily call to mind industries where people come out more mentally unwell than when they went in. In this episode of the Therapist Rising podcast, we dive deep into the world of entrepreneurship with Davinia Glendenning and Alana Roberts, the founders of Avinue Coaching & Training. These powerhouse women are set to change the world: specifically, how to overhaul the traditionally cutthroat and traumatic industry of personal insurance. Davinia and Alana also discuss how improving Mental Health Literacy in the Insurance Industry will save lives.

As registered psychologists, they offer expert 1 on 1 coaching and assist businesses in training and educating staff on mental illness to prevent burnout and build a skilled and motivated team – and ultimately, improve client outcomes, team outcomes, and bottomline revenue..

Join us as they candidly discuss the challenges and rewards of being entrepreneurs in a masculine energy dominated industry, the fatal moments they’ve faced along the way, and the breakthroughs they’ve experienced in their journey with Avinue Coaching & Training.


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