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Season 1: Episode 7: Using Your Clinical Skills to Open Doors in Your Coaching Practice with Dr. Tracey Hunter and Dr. Rachel Wheeler

Can you really apply your clinical skills to a coaching practice? In this episode Dr. Tracey Hunter and Dr. Rachel Wheeler of the Wellbeing Codes talk about how they’ve used the therapy concept of “schemas” in their own coaching business.

Transitioning to coaching has allowed them to create a feminine-energy business with “hell no” non-negotiables so that they can prioritze their own happiness and mental health, while helping more people, and making an income to do what they love.

You have the skills to create a coaching business that’s aligned to you, and this episode is here to help you think outside of that box.

For more from Tracey Hunter and Rachel Wheeler, be sure to visit their website https://www.thewellbeingcodes.com/