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Season 1: Episode 19: Integrating the Worlds of Yoga and Mental Health with Lauren Tober

People are flocking to yoga for help with mental health… but most yoga teachers don’t have any sort of psychology background!

But what if we could take these very different fields and combine them together to better help people with accessible and affordable mental health support?

Lauren Tober is following her passion for mental health and yoga by building a business that creates a combination of her two passions, with summits, certifications and more. So if you’re looking to see how you can do the same, give this episode a listen! 

PS… The Mental Health + Yoga Summit is starting on the 29th of August. It’s online over 5 days, free, and designed for Yoga Teachers interested in Mental Health, and Mental Health Professionals interested in Yoga. Details are at mentalhealthandyogasummit.com

Registration for the online Mental Health Aware Yoga training (for Yoga Teachers and Teacher-in-Training) opens on the 5th of Sept at www.mentalhealthawareyoga.com


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