Incubator Plus: Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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Therapists Rising: The Incubator Plus

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Terms and Conditions of Purchase As at 9th of January 2024

Introduction and Overview of Incubator Plus

Therapists Rising (ABN: 33 660 188 821, ACN: 660 188 821) (“The Company”), founded by Dr. Hayley Kelly, offers the membership program known as “Incubator Plus” (“the Membership”).

The Membership is an ongoing support system designed to assist therapists in growing their online programs and enhancing their professional development.

Application of Terms and Conditions of Purchase

This document sets forth the Terms and Conditions of Purchase (“Agreement”) between The Company and you (“the Member”).

Both The Company and the Member agree to fulfill their respective obligations to ensure the Member’s successful participation in the Membership.

The Company agrees to:

  • Communicate with the Member honestly and promptly;
  • Provide the Membership to the highest standard, in a safe and ethical manner; and
  • Respond timely to questions and feedback from the Member regarding the Membership.

The Member agrees to:

  • Communicate with The Company honestly and promptly;
  • Engage fully in the Membership;
  • Be receptive to the coaching and guidance provided;
  • Acknowledge that their success is dependent on their commitment and consistency;
  • Accept sole responsibility for implementing any techniques or changes recommended by the Membership;
  • Understand that individual results may vary and that no specific outcomes are guaranteed;
  • Participate in the Membership at their own risk.

Membership Description & Structure

Incubator Plus is an ongoing membership with key features including:

  • Monthly two-hour live group Q&A and hot seat calls with Dr. Hayley Kelly;
  • Monthly expert masterclasses on various business and professional development topics;
  • Access to a growing library of masterclasses and plug-and-play templates;
  • A private Facebook group for community support and networking.

Relationship with The Company and The Membership

The Company is operated by Dr. Hayley Kelly, a registered psychologist. While Dr. Kelly is a registered psychologist, the Membership is not a psychology service. It is a business coaching and support program and does not provide psychological services.

Privacy and Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will collect and record information from the Member as part of their participation in the Membership. The Company’s Privacy Policy is provided, and Members are asked to read and acknowledge their understanding of it prior to signing this Agreement.

Technology Requirements

The Membership is delivered online. Members are responsible for setting up and bearing the costs associated with the technology needed to access online content.


The Membership fee is $47 (AUD) per month, inclusive of GST (applicable for Australian Residents). This fee is locked in for Members as long as they remain in the Membership. If a Member cancels and later decides to rejoin, they will be subject to the current rate at the time of rejoining.

Intellectual Property

All materials provided as part of the Membership are the property of The Company and may not be duplicated without prior written permission. Trademarks, logos, and service marks displayed are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.

Limitation of Liability

The Company is not responsible for any loss suffered in connection with the Membership. The Company makes no warranties about the Membership content and excludes liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. Liability is limited as provided for by the Australian Consumer Law.


If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

Termination of the Membership

The Company may terminate this Agreement and the Member’s participation in the Membership if the Member engages in disruptive or inappropriate behavior, without a refund or forgiveness of outstanding payments.

Refund Policy

A fourteen-day cooling-off period is in place from the commencement of the Membership. Refund requests must be submitted in writing within this period to The Company will refund the initial payment if the Member’s application to the Membership is unsuccessful.

Please note that while the above terms and conditions have been drafted to reflect the details of the Incubator Plus membership and to maintain a professional tone, it is essential to have these terms reviewed by a legal professional to ensure they comply with Australian law and the specific legal requirements of your business.