For the visionary therapist who wants to evolve beyond the ‘Therapy Chair’,
future proof their practice and diversify their income with an online program.

Learn our proven framework for creating, launching and selling an online program,

so you can get the heck off the draining
1:1 ‘Therapy Chair', pronto.

let us help you rise...
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Silver winner of the 2023 Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year award
and the 2023 AusMumpreneur Women Changing the World award.

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It’s real talk time...

The traditional therapy model is broken beyond repair and worldwide, rates of disillusionment, stress and burnout among therapists are at an all time high.

More than ever before we’re seeing long hours, overflowing caseloads, incomes that simply don’t cut it, inflexible calendars, work-life imbalance and crisis driven support.

And need to take time off to deal with life, or take a break? You’d better plan well in advance. An extended break? Forget about it.

But do you know what we’re also seeing?

A huge freakin’ *BOOM* in the online program space. 

So much so that it’s projected to jump from its current 400 Billion USD worth to a whopping 1 TRILLION USD by 2032.

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What does this mean for you, dear therapist who has a tonne of wisdom and experience that most people don’t have? (Yet, they’re still in the ring making money, honey!)

Opportunity, and lots of it.

As a company that’s grown to nearly 7-figures in just a few short years thanks to online programs, we know that they’re bee's knees for therapists who want to diversify their practices and incomes.

Online programs move you from...

Trading your precious hours for money

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Having an uncapped income

Feeling burnt out and exhausted

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Feeling inspired, creative, and in love with your work

Having little to no work-life balance

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Having lots of free space to spend with your loved ones, and explore your interests and hobbies

Tiring 1:1 work

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Energising ways of supporting people that you get full autonomy over

Being tied to a location

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Being free to travel the world and go where you want, when you want

Serving individuals, one person at a time

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Serving many, having a huge impact, and leaving a lasting legacy

“The Therapists Rising team and community helped me start and grow my online community

from zero to over 100 members in a few short months, organise and run a 5-day challenge, AND successfully sell my coaching offer! I achieved so much more than I could have ever dreamt!”

- Jessica

Therapist Rising’s mission?

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To give therapists all the education, training and support they need to create a super successful online program, so they can break free from the burden of 1:1 work, impact more lives and future-proof their practices and bank accounts. 

We believe in the power of leveraging your therapy skills to create online programs with ease, and the freedom of building a business on your own terms. 

We’re advocates for putting life first, and crafting a business that supports your health and happiness.

We're not just here to help you succeed and scale; we're here to disrupt and revolutionise the mental health industry from the inside out. We're challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries, and pioneering new ways of delivering mental health services.

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dive into our free guide!

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide For Therapists to Create, Launch and Sell A Successful Online Program

And take the first steps towards diversifying your income and evolving beyond the ‘Therapy Chair’.

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I’m Dr. Hayley Kelly,

the Founder of Therapists Rising
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Gold-Line - short

I practiced as a Clinical Psychologist for 12 years, have a PhD and Masters, was a Board-approved supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia, and am an ICF certified professional Coach.

I also have a background in marketing and sales, and have been creating and selling online programs, by repackaging my clinical skills and expertise, for 12. whole. years.

I’ve had the honour of working with and being mentored by some of the most successful online course creators in the world…

And have supported therapists to have 7-figure launches away from the 1:1 clinical space.

In the last two years, thanks to the online program framework I’ve refined and mastered over the last decade, I’ve been able to earn more money and impact more lives than I ever thought possible, take a 6-month working holiday with my family, make my own rules for my working days, be a positive and inspiring role model for my kids, and am on path to retire my husband.

I’m so honoured to have you here and cannot wait to pass on everything I know about repackaging your therapist wisdom

to create, launch and sell out an online program. 


Join the

Therapists Rising

Our step-by-step online group program for therapists who are ready and raring to diversify and up-level their income, stop trading their precious hours for money, and use their years of training and experience to future-proof their practice … with their very own online program.

Our proven framework, created by therapists for therapists, will help you move from the ‘Therapy Chair’ to holy-moly-I-have-a-money-making-online-program with rapid speed and ease, and teach you everything I know about building an audience, and marketing and selling for success.

Previously sold out, the Incubator doors will reopen in February 2024!

(A therapist who already has an online program that’s not selling as well as you’d like? The Incubator is for you too!)
“The Incubator provided me with the confidence, awareness, knowledge and practical steps to help me start my journey into coaching.

It helped me realise that anything is possible, identify my niche, successfully package my offer, and learn how to market myself in a way that felt good for me. Hayley is absolutely incredible and a wealth of knowledge, and I loved connecting with other like-minded clinicians who totally inspired me with their own progress and journeys.”

- Aphrodite
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