A Therapist's Guide To Diversify Your Clinical Practice and Create a One-To-Many Offer

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This mini-training will walk you through the 6 simple but game-changing steps you need to take to begin moving away from the clinical space, and bringing your one-to-many offer to life (that your dream clients will LOVE and INVEST IN!)
Gold-Line - short

Even if you’ve already begun making moves in this space, this mini-training will help you make sure that the foundations you’ve laid for your 1:many offer are solid and will be able to be built upon for years and years to come.

Let's dive in! (oh, and don't forget to download your workbook - you will find the download link below the video)

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To support you in your learning, click the link below to download your FREE mini-training workbook.

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“The Incubator provided me with the confidence, awareness, knowledge and practical steps to help me start my journey into coaching.

It helped me realise that anything is possible, identify my niche, successfully package my offer, and learn how to market myself in a way that felt good for me. Hayley is absolutely incredible and a wealth of knowledge, and I loved connecting with other like-minded clinicians who totally inspired me with their own progress and journeys.”

- Aphrodite
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