Expert 1:1 Career Transition and Business Coaching

to help Therapists and Health Professionals nail their non-clinical offerings and grow a profitable business, with
clarity and confidence
That calling you feel in your heart...

to step outside the restrictive ‘Therapy Box’ and create a more flexible, impactful, abundant and aligned career for yourself?

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Those whispers that keep you up at night and will you explore the myriad of career options and paths that exist for you outside your role as a Health Professional?

Your inner knowing that there’s a more nourishing and fulfilling way to work, be of service and live your life?

Your deepest desires are speaking to you, and they’re ready for you to honour your truth and

The level of clarity I have gained through Hayley’s coaching has allowed me to know exactly the next steps I need to take,

and take action. I have broken through many limiting beliefs and can now see the possibilities that lay ahead for me!

After only two months of working with Hayley, I have booked my first EVER 1:1 coaching client and created and launched my signature breathwork group offer!”

- Amanda

We know you crave something different for your career - for your future!

You don’t have to...

Be paid by the hour (there’s only so many hours in the day, after all!)Be busy and feel exhausted by your workMiss out on time with your loved onesSacrifice your hobbiesBe ‘stuck’ and location dependent, and have an inflexible work scheduleWork 1:1 and put a cap on the amount of lives you can impact.

These restrictive and exhausting ways of working and living are outdated and uninspiring, and our guess is that they’re burning you out too!

Can you imagine…

Feeling like you can be all of yourself in your job, and lit up by the work you’re doing, day in and day out?

Only supporting people who feel 110% aligned and who resonate with you on a deep soul level?

Having complete autonomy and authority over how and when you work, and who you work with?

Being able to work less and live more, craft your work-life around your personal-life and still earn more money than ever before?

This is just some of the magic that unfolds when you move away from the clinical world, and bring your non-clinical offerings to life

(or merge the two if that’s what tickles your fancy!)

"Before starting with Hayley I had worked with other very big name experts in the area, but I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I felt so unclear and lacked confidence about my direction and who I wanted to work with. I was working as a Clinical Psychologist and knew I wanted to diversify into Coaching, but I didn’t know how.

She got straight to the heart of what I needed and helped me create incredible results in a very short time. In a few short sessions she helped me overcome self doubt, get clarity on my purpose, and I signed TWO dream clients for 1:1 coaching. I thoroughly recommend working with her!”

- Emma
Gold Line

The extra incredible news is this...

Transforming your career in this way doesn’t require you to turn everything on its head and inside-out! In fact, the transition from clinical to non-clinical can feel organic, ease-filled and exciting!

How do we know this to be true? Because we’ve been where you are - and thrived - and we’ve made it our mission in this lifetime to help you navigate your journey from the clinical to the non-clinical space.

Let’s be honest, change can feel scary - even if you know you want to create a shift in your career.

But when you have an expert, a seasoned business buddy and a cheerleader walking alongside you as you call in the change you desire to see and experience in your work and life?

The journey becomes fun! And a load shared is a load lightened, we say!

The humans we’ve had the honour of supporting to make the journey from Clinical Practitioner to Entrepreneur have created the most soul-aligned and revenue-generating offerings...

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An online community helping first time Mum’s over 40 to stay afloat

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An online coaching program helping women connect with their spirituality and higher purpose

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A 12 week online course preparing pregnant women for motherhood

HK - 11 Coaching Build_3-06

Trauma informed yoga certification for health professionals

HK - 11 Coaching Build_3-07

A 12 week hybrid coaching program teaching the fundamentals of manifestation

HK - 11 Coaching Build_3-08

A 12 week hybrid coaching program teaching the fundamentals of manifestation

These superstars have realised that the world truly is their oyster, their careers paths are malleable and their futures are completely in their control...

They’ve taken bold action, brought their desires to life and are now serving in a way that feels truly aligned with how they want to show up in the world…

PLUS they’re being rewarded - emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

You can claim this for yourself!

No matter where you’re at in your journey of transitioning from Therapist to Entrepreneur, our 1:1 Career Transition and Business Coaching
can support you!
  • Get crystal clear on who you want to work with and how you want to support them (and of course, we will turn this knowledge into a tangible offer that both sells and lights you up to share!)
  • Craft offerings and packages that support your freedom, abundance and capacity to give back to causes that are close to your heart
  • Navigate your transition with all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed (aka, we’ll make sure you’re in the legal know and build sturdy foundations for your business!)
  • Harness the power of your clinical skills, and your years of experience, to infuse your new path with unbridled confidence
  • Lay foundation for your new business that support your wellbeing, joy and contentment to thrive and gift you a precious work-life balance
  • Keep you on track and accountable as you walk towards the future career and life of your dreams!
Let us take a stab in the dark and guess what’s going through your head right now...

“I want to transition from Therapist/Health Professional to Entrepreneur BUT”...

  • I’m worried about what my colleagues will think
  • I only know how to work with one person at a time
  • I don’t want to get into legal trouble
  • Who am I to earn more money?
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have what it takes
  • I don’t know where to begin - I feel so overwhelmed.

We get it. Like we said - we’ve been at the fork in the road where you find yourself, right now!

Do you want to look back in ten years time and discover that you’re still exactly where you are today - despite wanting so much more for yourself, your career and your life?

We know you don’t. We know you’re not that person.

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Taking the first step is always the hardest, which is why we’re here to light your way forward and walk alongside you. You don’t have to do it alone
- but you do have to begin.
Gold-Line - short

1:1 Career Transition and Business Coaching includes...

2 x 60 minute coaching sessions, on Zoom, per month

These sessions are tailored to your individual needs, visions and desires.

At the beginning of your journey and need support creating your ‘Hell Yeah’ offer? Let’s start there!

Got your epic offer created but need supporting growing and marketing? Let’s walk that path together!

Wherever you are - we can meet you there.

Clarity, confidence and the success you desire and deserve are just around the corner!

(Note - you will be supported by the one-and-only Founder of Therapists Rising, Dr. Hayley Kelly - you can read about Hayley’s credentials and journey from Therapist to thriving Entrepreneur here).

Voxer or Whatsapp support between sessions

Yep, your support doesn’t stop when your session ends! It’s available to you, on tap, between our fortnightly meets too! 

Hayley will be your pocket mentor, cheerleader and kind accountability buddy as you take action and walk in the direction of your dreams.




per month, for a minimum of 4 months.

*Price excludes GST for Australian Residents.

Are you ready to create the career of your wildest dreams, own all the parts of yourself that want to be expressed through your work, and

claim your space in this world as an Entrepreneur?

Let’s do this!
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